Cam Cover with Sensor wiring

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDRoadKing4Life, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Hi I need ur help.... This is my first time working on my Harley..... I having hard time to take Cam Cover off cause of Sensor Wiring go thru in Cam cover.... I was going replace Chrome Cam Cover to Black Cam Cover..... Should I cut the wiring or keep look for end of wiring.... Need ur help :D
  2. 89stroker

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    There should be a connection point, I just had my nose cone off my bike to do a cam swap and there was a connection plug on the line. I am sure your 99 road king is no different than my 99 softail. Do you have a service manual for the bike? it should indicate where the connection point is and also may give you detail to seperate the end from the wiring. Also remember after the nose cone swap you will need to set the ignition timing as you will have to swap the ignition plate.
  3. Slo-Ryd

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    I wouldn't cut the wires if they can be traced back to the connection point. All electrical connectors can usually be disassembled and the wires can then be pulled through the hole in the bottom of the nose cone. Reverse the procedure by putting the wires through the new nose cone and re-assemble the connector and you're done. I use a small eyeglass flat head screw driver when working with connectors. A good practice is to take a picture or make a diagram of which color wires go where on the connector.

    A quick search on electrical connector repairs will give you ideas needed.

    An example of removing the pinned terminal end from a connector is below, although you won't be soldering anything like he did, it will still give you an idea of how to accomplish the task of removing and replacing the terminals.

    Basic Soldering & Electrical Connector Repair

    Easy, peasy.............
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    The connector for the cam possition sensor is inside the right side cover next to the ECM on my 01 RK, I would think it be in the same location for a 99. the wires run along the bottom frame tube.