Cam chain tensioner

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Cuzz, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Cuzz

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    Riding an 08 FLHTC. Should the cam chain tensioner be addressed as a preventative maintenance item? I could not find ananswer in the shop manual.
  2. Bodeen

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    Depending on how many miles on your bike, it is not a bad idea to inspect them. I would say at the 15-20k mark would be prudent. You do have the hydraulic type tensioner and do not wear like the older non hydraulic types.
  3. kemo

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    The hyd tensioners should not need to be looked at for a long time. I did the conversion on my bike 3 years ago. I have since ridden 50000 miles with no problems, I have had the cam cover off and the tensioners are showing no wear.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    I cannot find a spec, you have the improved design over the spring loaded one, these would explode any where from 15- 20k
  5. Chopper

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    Have not seen any problems with the 07 & newer ones, but did just do a 2008 131'' Jims that had a lifter go out, the inner (secondary) tensioner was worn through to metal, the outer was not in great shape ether, just not as bad. Don't know if Jims makes their own or uses Harleys, but replaced the cam plate & tensioners with Harley's scream eagle and we'll see how they do. It is a performance motor and the owner uses Amsoil with Amsoil filters, don’t know if that’s a factor (sorry Tank but I’ve never been a Amsoil fan myself “nothing personal”) but the owner is a diehard Amsoil fan so that’s what I put back in at his request. Below is a pic of the secondary tensioner along with a set I pulled out of a 01 Ultra that I installed some 510G’s in. I thought the new style tensioners were bullet proof but now I’m wondering.
    So I would say it never hurts to check the tensioners.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    On my 09 FLHR, several times apart (new SE255 cams) playing with the cam-plate and taking the crank runout (.0015):newsmile03: and the shoes looked GREAT... last look at 28,000 miles on it.. (Redline synthetic 20/50)

    The main front big chain tensioner showed where the chain ran but NOTHING Deep and probably would of Lasted the Life of the motor in MHO...

    I did notice a LITTLE Pit in that tensioner , so I did replace it.. NOT needed though. Like I said: It would of lasted the LIFE of the motor...

    so Please Don't Worry...:panic

  7. Billbo

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    And Kemo, what is your TOTAL miles on your 2000 electraglide now?