Calibrating 09 Rocker C

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Jason Kerr, May 5, 2010.

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    Were do I purchase the scan tool or flash tool to do it and the programing, had the dealership flash the ecm for the pipe and air-box that they had installed and charged me for it but with a chain of events unsure whether it has actually been done or not

    I have searched the internet but not coming up with any answers, my wife has a 09 1200 Sportster and it is getting the same thing, want to buy my own stuff and do it myself

    I am an automotive tech. and have the electronic knowledge

    Please help and send me in the proper direction!! Thank You!

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    Jason, welcome to the HDTimeline forum, before others weigh in here, I thought I would give you a bit of a primer on end user fueling options, keeping in mind that your HD is under warranty and do not know the details on why you may think things were not done properly. Also, a good relationship with a reputable dealer is a good thing, and worth finding the RIGHT one, if yours does not give you satisfaction...

    This info was found using the Search tab and typing in key word like fuel injection tune...
  3. Jason Kerr

    Jason Kerr New Member

    Thank You and I totally agree
    Not worried about warranty
    Is there a calibration tool, scan tool, or flash that can let me know what is going on avaliable?
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    Yes & No. What actually is "going on" must be measured at the tail pipe and to the best of my knowledge none of the tuners come with wide band O2 built in.

    These bikes don't have mass airflow sensors like autos do, so in order to get the A/F ratios correct, you must fill in yourself or calculate the volumetric efficiency of the engine using exhaust analysis.