Bye Sportster! Hello Fat Boy Low!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by hdrocks, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. hdrocks

    hdrocks Active Member

    Just traded in my 1200C sportster with Fat Boy Low. It will be kept in the dealership till Spring. Can't wait! Also putting in SE slip-ons and saddlebags.
    Thing is I've sat on it but never got a chance to ride it outside (I just loved the look of the bike). This will be my third season of riding. Anyone jumped from Sportster to Fat Boy Low? Much difference in handling when riding? Any pointers from you experts appreciated. I will be keeping this one for a long, long time, according to my mrs, and I plan to also. Thanks in advance.
  2. Chopper

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    Congratulations, must be hard leaving it in the dealership, spring will be here before you know it:)
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    IMHO most any of Harley's big twins are "easier" to ride than a Sportster. They are heavier but very well balanced and the CG is lower so it doesn't feel like such a big bike. Still, take it slow and easy the first couple times out on your new baby!

    I don't know if your mrs. rides with you or not but if so, she's going to be a LOT more comfortable on the Fat Boy. You mentioned bags - you may also want to consider a windshield and backrest if you plan on doing long distance riding.
  4. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the new FB hdrocks! I upgraded fm 1200C to Street Glide last Sep & you'll definitely feel the difference in comfort/handling. Be ready for more bike to maneuver (i.e. weight) - especially when pulling into a parking spot, or garage. I had a "Geritol Moment" in a park one day & pulled straight into a slot b/c I was in a hurry. Needless to say - took quite a bit of rocking & pushing to get out w/o hitting cars on both sides. Word-to-the-wise - back into anything you can!!:small3d023: Also, just take time learning the new ride & feel. Definitely look-up glider's new bike engine break-in guidance & find a nice open road to run it on...

    Can't wait for spring too & safe/happy riding! You'll find alot of good info here @ HDTimeline while waiting for riding season.
  5. pops55

    pops55 Active Member

    Congrats on the new ride. Leaving it at the dealer till spring that had to be hard to do. How many trips to the dealer to check on it till You pick it up in the spring? :D
  6. hdrocks

    hdrocks Active Member

    You bet, every weekend! the dealer is going to get so sick of me and will wish the spring was here already. I am thinking about her (kind of weird calling FB her though) every chance I get, driving, walking my dig, working out, etc... Tomorrow is Feb 2nd, groundhog day. I don't think I can sleep tonite.
  7. R.Bingham

    R.Bingham Active Member

    Congratulations on the new ride.

    As a Fatboy owner I would like to make a recommendation. I would skip the slip-ons and get one of the Vance & Hines all black exhaust. The reason is the stock read header is too high and it gets your leg hot!! :bigsmiley29: The aftermarket pipes move this down lower so it won't do this. An added benefit is the aftermarket pipes sound better too. :D

  8. Bud White

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    congrats wheres the pics
  9. hdrocks

    hdrocks Active Member

    Ah, yes. Unfortunately, she's resting comfortably in the dealership. I am also having SE slipons and saddlebags put on. Once they are done, I will go visit her at the dealership and take some pictures.
    I intend on making her all black eventually, over few years...
  10. hdrocks

    hdrocks Active Member

    Randall, thanks. I decided to go with the SE (I had them on my sportster too)as I just wanted something a bit better sound than the stocks and also cheaper option. However, your suggestion is something to think about after riding her few years.