Bye Bye American Chopper

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by mnultra, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Hopfully they bring back Biker Build off that was a great show with all the best bike builders and not a bunch of posers that sold out

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    We still get some re-runs ov Biker Build Off this side of the pond also Build or Bust with our own Russell Mitchel and ur Gard Hollinger,Ive heard V-Force with Vinnie an Cody have a show over there,is that true?:newsmile011:
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    Yup yup, those are not custom bikes! Lame show although I admit I watched when it first came on. However the constant arguing turned me off. The paint is what made those bikes.

    On a serious note, it is very sad it came to this. Was it money, fame or just a very bad dysfunctional family?
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    I'm with you Hobbit. I'd watch it occasionally but never on a regular basis.

    American Chopper jumped the shark years ago. It was going downhill for a while. But when they built their "world headquarters" it got alot worse. When Jr left and they started concentrating on his g/f's boutique and his "design" aspirations, it was rediculous.

    They are a bike builder that would never be what they are if not for a tv show. I don't see where they can survive in their current form basically building show bikes. And I would imagine that in a few short years you won't hear too much about them without the money of Discovery.

    But I could be wrong.
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    Their new show is airing 2/14 in select markets (I'm unfortunately not in one). It is called "Throttle Junkies."

    OCC has been like a train wreck for the last couple of seasons. From what I've read, Senior filed a lawsuit against Junior back in December over exercising corporate buy-out options. Really a very sad family dynamic. I'd say that TLC isn't having the best luck with their "reality families" lately.
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    Shows like these tend to have a short shelf life. I actually watched some of latest shows out of curiosity. Just to provide some recent insight into the rise and fall of success.

    They are just ordinary people like everyone else.

    Sr. flexing his muscles at the most recent bike reveils made me cringe. Just hanging on to what he can before it colapses.

    Now Biker Build off I have major respect for. They build their machines and ride them. Some just aren't made for the road but, they ride em anyways thru the bad weather. Serious fun indeed!
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    Absolutely right! The paint made the bikes.
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    Like many on this post, I stopped watching a few years ago. Vinnie and Rick seemed to be the only members of the cast who knew what they were doing and were serious about it. Definitely agree with the paint jobs! Other than that, it's a show about a guy who rarely had self control in his life, loosing his self control all the time. Still, the show did put OCC on the map, as I had never heard of them before. Don't know how much they got per episode, but if "Jon and Kate plus 8" was getting a reported $75,000 a show, OCC probably made a heck of a lot more than that.

    Like many others , I enjoyed the other bike building shows. To see some of these guys actually make a bike frame is awe inspiring...Still, I hope that it works out for the Teutels, as it's sad to see a family that dysfunctional....
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    In the mortal words of mi amigo, A-D-I-O-S!!!!