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  1. Duffer

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    I was in the local dealership last week and, as I am want to do, checking out what ever is in the showroom when I spot a very familiar looking Sportster. So I check the VIN # (just happened to have that info with me) and sure enough, it’s the very same bike the wife traded in for her FXDL exactly one year ago. OK, nothing strange about that until I looked at the price tag. Now I bought that bike a year ago, brand new and paid MSRP of $7980 (close enough anyway) so we could take advantage of the “Trade Offer” going on at that time. The wife rode it for 250 miles and then fell in love with her Low Rider and the trade was made. (Whole other story). Now in my book that makes the Sporty a used bike but, the price tag now says $9999.99. Huh?? So I get on the HD website and look up MSRP for a 09 1200 low and it says $9780 not the $7980 it was when it was actually 2009.
    I know the manufacturer gets to suggest the retail price but to arbitrarily change the MSRP on what is now a 2 model-year old bike just so they can jack up the resale price on their used stuff seems just this side (or maybe the other side) of sleazy. May be if the MOCO didn’t try to stick it to us at ever bend in the road, dealerships wouldn’t be closing right and left. Just a thought. Sorry for the rant but, this has been bugging me. I feel much better now, thanks.
  2. cromedome

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    That's why some of them are called stealers....
  3. Hoople

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    That's not just sleazy. That is clever sleazy. I could have never came up with an idea like that. It takes a Harvard Grad to come up with something like that.
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    Seems to me that if you were able to do that terrific trade in offer for what you paid for the bike, you did great. I don't see car dealers offering that. A bud of mine bought the Nightster at full retail and missed the trade-in deadline and decided to trade up on a new 09 Road King anyway. He didn't get anywhere near what he paid for it and he keeps his rides showroom perfect. If the dealer can get $9999 more power to him. On the plus side, your story makes it look like used bikes may still command a good price which is good for someone wanting to trade up. I could be all wet here but that's my thought process. The dealer has the advantage over a single personal seller walking into a store looking to buy a bike and he has financing, but the person selling a bike has no overhead either like the dealer has.

    I'm glad though that your wife has her dream ride. If she's happy...
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    Duffer; the Sporty trade-in/trade-up was a good deal for you, but gonna be bad on the next buyer. HD took the hit on the Sporty w/the plan to retain a customer so their ~$2K was worth it & now it's time to re-claim the loss. Don't sweat it b/c you got the better bargain & your wife's happy to boot.
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    1) asking price... and selling price isn't always the same..... and if you notice, the bike is STILL on the floor, one year later.

    2) any buyer that does their homework.... should beat that price, and if they don't beat that price... why not buy a new bike? That same $9999.99 will buy someone a 2011 1200 Sporty....
    a used bike buyer will still get hit, with tax/title/doc fees.... just avoid "freight, and prep".
    May as well buy new, and get the warranty, at THAT price (IMO)

    I'm thinking the MOCO is gonna have a GLUT of "used" sportys on hand for a good long while.....

    YOU got a good deal....
    you're wide is happy......

    what more do you really care about????
  7. dr robert

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    That might be the asking price, but if someone tried to buy the bike, would they be able to make a deal? I would hope they could get it cheaper than the listed price. I have not been to a Harley dealer yet that puts prices on their bikes. Maybe it is just the ones I have been to though.
  8. dickey

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    That's why,weather a car or bike, I never buy ANYTHING from a dealer--always a private sale for me. Dealer's warranty ain't worth nothin' to me anyway,cosidering ya gotta twist their arm for practically everything after you plunk!
  9. blademan

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    OK, you made me pull out my 2009 HD booklet. The MSRP a basic (black) 1200 low was $9,799. The MSRP for a 883 low was $6,999. Are you sure which bike you had?
  10. DakotaRob

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    The dealers I checked with would not "deal" on anything, new or used. I thought the place I bought my Fatboy from in 2004 would at least try... no deal. They said they sell the bikes at higher prices because they can offer financing and extended warranties (neither of which I was interested in).

    I got my E Glide for nearly $3K less from a private party than anything comparable at any of the dealers. I paid $40 to have the bike checked out before buying. I did end up spending $300 on a 10K service since the seller lost his receipt, and the dealer where he had all his work done went under. But, $340 to save $3,000 was fine by me! :D