burned out clutch on a new 2012 Road King at 1700 miles

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    I bought a new 2012 Road King classic, and then took it in for its first recommended service to the dealer. After picking up the bike from the service, I noticed that the clutch lever was quite firm. Looked at the clutch cable adjustment, and it was 1/8 of an inch clearance. Rode the bike for about 2-300 miles more, and it started slipping. Now, I have been riding Harleys for over 30 years, and never had a burned out clutch in my life. So, I take the bike back to the dealer, who proceeds to tell me that the clutch plates are burned out, and that I need a new set of plates - and of course (the bike is still under warranty) the warranty does not cover it, and I would have to pay for it. I got slightly(EDIT) , and told him that if his tech knew what the (EDIT) he was doing, the clutch should have been adjusted properly in the first place, during the initial service, and then this would not have happened. It took a while to call HD - explaining to them what happened - and they finally agreed to do it under warranty - what a hassle. I do not think some of these techs know what they are doing - or their mind is on something else. Anyway - any of you out there have any thoughts on when should such a clutch be adjusted periodically, under normal riding conditions (no heavy traffic)? What actually happened, is that the clutch had absolutely no play in it, and apparently was always riding on the plates, burning it out. Thanks

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    I hope that if the dealer that could not even adjust clutch properly which is a very easy function to perform, that hopefully for you that the reset of the service was performed properly, fluids added to proper level and necessary adjustments performed correctly. I would be a bit wary of them claiming you burnt out clutch after they improperly adjusted clutch, then agree to replace it under warranty which does not cover wear items as they stated. I hope for you that you get your bike back in tip top shape, then yourself go over bike to be sure everything is a 100 percent.....:(
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    Find another service department. True, they fixed it but it should have never happened. With them, what will be next.
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    Welcome to The Forum Harley Davidson Forums Have a look here, I would find a New dealer and buy a factory manual:s
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    thanks - i think i will
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    how did you know the clutch plates were going out? im asking because I think my clutch went out. I called HD and they told me that they cant tell me anything over the phone and I would need to take it to the dealer and have them check it out. I would take it if I was able to ride it. the bike rode fine and then one day BAM!! stalls out when I shift to 1st gear! I don't know what the problem could be. Any help or advise.

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    Try doing a clutch adjustment.
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    Harley Davidson Forums Have a look here
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    That is main reason why I am doing the work myself! If I screwed up then I can't yell anyone but myself! :D
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    sounds like a common problem with yet another hd shop. same thing happend to Relapz on his road glide