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  1. trike lady

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    I haven't been around in a while I have had many bad things happen to me in the last couple of months. Last month I suffered a mini stroke and it took away some brain cells, prior to that my roommates husband managed to get us evicted from our apartment and I am now housed in a women's shelter. Last month when I was admitted to the hospital my blood pressure was 250/175 and they didn't do much except send me home with BP meds. I'm 60 years old and not too happy about this and I may look into a facility for memory loss and stroke treatment.
    My bike is in storage as is what little I own, my former roommates are holding onto it and I am not too happy.
    But the good thing is, I am still alive.
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Sorry to hear that, will pray for you
    I remember meeting you in Daytona a few years back before you moved
  3. dbmg

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    Sorry to hear about the difficult times you are experiencing.
    I really like your great spirit for that will definitely help.
    Are you still in the Butler area?
  4. fin_676

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    Look after yourself first once you get a wee bit more capable then it is time to look to your stuff
    Life often sends us some setbacks it is how we deal with them that makes us who we are
    I hope you get through this time of difficulty and get reunited with your own life

  5. trike lady

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    Yes, I still live in Butler, PA.
    I wish I were a minimum of 40 years younger it may not be as difficult.
    I do put my faith in the Lord and have him guide me through it to safer pastures
  6. trike lady

    trike lady Junior Member

    Yes, that was a long time ago, I had the big Wing back then and now I have a little Wing
  7. trike lady

    trike lady Junior Member

    I think the reason I want my stuff is because there are good memories there. Memories that would 'Refresh' my brain and bring back some normalcy and hopefully a memory loss/stroke facility can return them. This one came out of far left field when it gave me one heck of a sucker punch. Actually what has happened has also put me in a 'Fight' mode, to fight for myself, what I have accomplished and get get it back. I would like to be back to normal, heck 60 is too young to give up.
    Sorry for all the individual posts, but this is how my poor brain is working; I can only answer one at a time without getting confused. :confused:
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    I'm going to leave your posts as is. Take care of yourself.
  9. coopernicus

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    My thoughts and prayers are for you!
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    Well wishes sent your way.