BUBBIE'S SE255 Cam install

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    BUBBIE's install

    My SE 255 Cams install went EASY.. Hardest part is to get the exhaust off the 09 FLHR.. Started to Just loosen but OFF totally is the way to go..
    I sniped the old push-rods out and went with the fully adjustable slender tapered SE from HD,,,,,NICE!

    I read an article that inspired Steve07 to install SE254 cams in his 103" motor and using the 4*+- gear to LOWER (earlier) his Closing of the INTAKE Valves...
    The SE 254's Intake valves Closes Later (bigger number) than the SE 255 does so the 4* gear is needed to LOWER this number... He states He can LIFT the front wheel OFF the ground in 1 and 2 gears by a twist of the throttle.. GO Stve07 GO! ....YAHOO!

    When I was reading the information on the cams I wanted to install,,,,,, I Looked When the intake CLOSES and that number should be close to 30*.....
    LOOK at the bigger (meaning More duration) Cams and compare the closing of the intake Valve..... Later closing show Bigger numbers.... If it says intake valve closes at 37 or higher, the 4* gear is needed TO LOWER the closing number on the INTAKE Valve... THUS MORE LOW END TORQUE.....
    Now Mind You, YOU ARE changing the WHOLE cams intended engineering,,,, so careful here... That is why YOU want to buy the Cams to do the Low End Torque in the first place....

    On the SE255 cams that I installed, I would ONLY use the 4* to make MY valve number Close Later (bigger than 20*).... in other words, MY thoughts were to RAISE the degree that the Intake valve closes to Move UP my RPM power band.....(=Less low end torque).....

    Now mind you This Is Just To TRY... When??? MUCH later cause I ALSO am happy with Where It Is Right Now.(.) HANG ON with Both Hands!

    Steve07 article is a good read and He may POST a link to it here... I'll try to look it up and add it also if he doesn't....

    It is easy to see the difference in Cams by LOOKING at the """intake closing""" values to see if IT is a HIGH RPM or LOW RPM cam , in developing Torque....

    Yes there IS more to the cam than Just the intake closing,,, But that is the KEY for Torque at the LOW END RPM....

    When you Raise the CLOSING of the intake valve (adding Higher numbers over 30*) You can get More Low End Torque only by ADDING Higher Compression so IT is a Trade Off....

    The SE 255 cams Close intake at 20*(now that is Early) and that IS For Low End Torque...
    I thought to TRY the 4* in REVERSE to make the valve close Later...(loosing low end torque) but the more I study this approach the Less I Think it will Accomplish anything but Move the RPM and Torque Ratio UP a bit and that is NOT what I'm looking for in my Heavy bike...

    Hope this Helps some of you out in understanding the Hows and Whens for low end torque..


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    Joe Minton was with Motorcyclist magazine for years (I followed his wrenching in the late 70's) as the tech guy...really nice to see him in American Rider when more of us metric riders started to get interest in V-Twins and the sister publication was born. He knew his stuff then and knows what works now...thanks Steve! :s

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    If you are talking about Your 1997 wideglide, The "cam" in that EVO motor is a single Cam and You need to rethink the cam for usage..
    I would go for a cam that would do for the LIGHT bike like yours (depending on your riding style) as you don't have the BIG touring style that I have(newer TC started in 1999 model year)..
    On a 1997 EVO FXDS that i owned, I went with a higher duration cam to fit the lighter bike... Your 1997 EVO style of bike has a good gear drive, single cam system. Look for EVO cam,, Andrews makes many and Crane sells them also...

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    And adjustable pushrods:s