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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mattman4403, May 31, 2010.

  1. Mattman4403

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    Friday morning I was headed home from Joliet Il. Somewhere in the first one hundred miles the bolt that holds on my right side passenger footboard broke. I noticed it at the first gas stop. Once I got home I was able to pick up a set of replacement borard (one board was $125 the set of two was $140 so I bought the set). Went to tab out the broken bolt and broke off a tap. Well now I mounted the new boards in the top hole and took the wife out for a ride. She said it was OK but she wants her pegs back also. Got to talk to Kuryakyn and see what they have that fits these new mounts. Life sure is interesting some days.
  2. kemo

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    Broken Bolt used to be my cb handle. If you broken a tap of in a mounting hole you will have to put on your safety glasses and get a hammer and a punch and started beating on the tap and smash it apart.
  3. HDDon

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    Before you try to beat it out, was it a 2, 3, or 4 flute tap? You can get a tap extractor for all three types and all sizes. If you have a machine shop nearby they will probably remove it for you for a small fee. These are not like EZouts, you don't have to drill a hole and unless you have tried to beat it out they are usually always succesful.
  4. cromedome

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    Any way you can lay a say 3/8 nut on the broken "stub" and run a little brass on it with a torch or use a wire welder? Lay a spot of weld/brass on it, take a wrench and back it out..tricky but it works if there is enough of the stub left.
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    I agree with HDDon above. Use a tap extractor and spray some oil down to help reduce drag/friction it will almost always come out. hey HDDon I was down in your area near Halloween last year. Had some work to do in Valdosta Georgia (wished I could have rented a bike while there) then took an afternoon and drove down to Jacksonville Fla to the Harley dealer (where else do we go when out of town) Beautiful country for riding. Lucky dog.:D
  6. Butch

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    If no EZout, I've had success using a carbide grinding stones in a Dremel. Went through a bunch, but it did the trick.
  7. glimmerman

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    i've had good results w/ a carbide engraver and a good penetranting oil. #2 diesel will work in a pinch. soak it and back it out w/ the engraver on 3 out of a 5 number setting.
  8. Mattman4403

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    Lots of good advice. The bolt was broken off flush with the bracket (no room to put a nut on and back out). I took the board back off and was able to use a pair of micro pliers (from an electronic tool kit) got ahold of the tap and backed it out. Then I drilled a little bigger hole put the next size ez out in and it popped out just like in the picture books. Took a bit of time to fuss with it but it worked.
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    Another happy ending Good Job:D