Broke down 440 miles from home

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    This is a story with a happy ending. Give a shout out to Gruene (pronounced Green) Harley Davidson in New Braunsfel, Texas.

    My neighbor and I were heading out from Oklahoma City to South Padre Island, last Saturday, October 12th, to meet up with the wives (who were already there) when my Heritage lost power/shut off while passing through New Braunsfel. As luck would have it we located the number for the Gruene dealership there and within minutes they dispatched one of their drivers to pick me up with a motorcycle trailer, no tow charge. Soon we were at the dealer and the scoot was in the shop being looked at. Chris the shop manager knowing we were traveling through put a mechanic right on it. With in 3 hours from break down we were back on the road heading south. A big thanks to Chris and the guys and gals at Gruene HD that made a positive out of an unknown situation, they were awsome, and it was a busy Saturday with lots of extra activities going on at their facility. If you live in the San Antonio area you might check Gruene HD out if you have not already done so.

    The loss of powere was caused by an ignition wire burnt up at the contact point with the ignition. Lose ignition, lose power. After the loss of power I could turn on the tank switch to ignition and the speedo would light up and do its sweep. When I turned on the ignition to run (on the handle bars) nothing. No fuel pump, no lights, nothing else would work. Gruen replaced the necessary parts and cjhecked the amp draw to make sure everything else was ok. Also they pulled for codes and there were none. Guess after 6 years and and 46000 miles that contact gave out. Everything else looked good.

    My neighbor I was riding with, rides a Kawasaki Concurs 1400 and commented to me that had he broke down he doubts he would have gotten that kind of service from a local metric shop.

    Attached are some pics. Thanks again Gruene Harley Davidson.

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    Glad everything turned out OK. And thanks for giving a big thumbs up to a dealer who was there when you needed them!
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    Very nice!
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    Since this is a Trips/Touring thread I'll add a little more about the trip.

    We rode both ways via Hwy 281 through the Texas hill country south of Wichita Falls to San Antonio. Beautiful ride. Plenty of places to stop and if you have the time many sights to see.

    We could also buy 93 octane gas anywhere we stopped (only 91 octane here in my parts of Oklahoma).

    We had warm sunny weather goint to South Padre Island, but hit rain, strong northly winds and falling temps into the 40's from Wichita Falls north on the way home. A little bit of everything made for a great ride.
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    Good Service seems to be getting better, glad it worked good for you:s