Breaking tank tab

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    Hey there...I have a question....

    I have a 2000 Fatboy, stock tank, stretch panels welded, basically custom, but still stock. Took it off so I could touch up some paint and clear. Gave it back to the shop to put back on and about 2 weeks later the tab near the seat busted. I took it to a friend to weld. Looked great and had the shop put it back on again. A week later it busted yet they took it off, I had it welded again, shop installed it and 2 days later snapped again. (Never had this problem all the years I had it) So I figured the weld didn't hold although it looked tight to me. Jumped on eBay and found a new take off tank to put on my bike fast since I was heading out on a 10 day road trip to Arkansas last week. Took it to the shop, they put the new stock tank on....didn't even make it 200 miles and it busted. Needless to say I am ticked to no end. Stopped at Pig Trails HD in Arkansas and explained what the deal was. He showed me the 3 parts used to bolt the tank on with the rubber grommet. However, I see that those parts are on correctly. I am at a total loss here. This didn't start until I had the shop remove and put it back on last year. A buddy had a 1/2 piece of rubber his screwdriver bits were in and I shoved it under the tank above where it broke at the neck lets say and it at least stopped the God awful screeching noise it was making and kept it from sitting directly on the backbone. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Now I have my stock tank and a $400 take off tank with busted tabs.....:help