Breakfast Run to the Mexican Border

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    The Gold Wing Chapter copied me on email and advised they were meeting at the Buffalo Soldier Trail (Circle K) gas station at 8AM Wednesday morning to discuss where to go on the weekly breakfast/luncheon ride. Sometimes this group rides further than I normally do - and they stop at distant restaurants for breakfast or lunch; and while I like breakfast (hot oatmeal, with sliced peaches, and a slice of toast), I usually have it at home before I go on a ride. On the road, with the bike, I usually take a half tuna salad sandwich, perhaps a few nuts or maybe sliced oranges (courtesy of the wife), plus a bottle of water, and then stop off along the roadside for a snack. Sometime later I may stop off at a Burger King (or some such place) for an ice cream, on the way home.

    Today, I struggled with whether or not to go on the breakfast ride, due to hot weather this time of year, but since they were starting early I thought it would be an opportunity to get out of the house and back before it got too hot. Decided I'd stop off and see what they had in mind. I arrived at Circle K about 8:20, and as I was pulling in, the group was mounted up and pulling decided to join them and see what direction they were headed - I could always drop out. They headed north on Hwy 90, toward Huachuca City and probably on toward Benson, so I figured the destination might be the Wilcox truck stop - wrong, as they turned eastbound, at Whetstone, onto Hwy 82. Highway 82 east takes you to a dead end at the intersection of Hwy 80, near a Border Patrol checkpoint, where the choices are north to St David, or south to Tombstone. I could always peel off and go through Tombstone and on to Bisbee, if they turned toward St David. After all, there is a Burger King with good ice cream just outside of Bisbee.

    The group turned towards Tombstone, so I continued on still not knowing the final destination. Arriving at Tombstone I discovered they had decided to stop off on historic Allen Street at the Crystal Palace Saloon, an old west style pub with a long history, for the breakfast. All parked, there were about 8 or 9 bikes, we walked to the Crystal Palace. Problem - it was a little after 9, and all the saloons/pubs were closed. One would surely think, on Allen Street, in Tombstone, Arizona, where the infamous Gun Fight at The OK Corral still takes place daily that a hot breakfast could be found. Following a discussion for alternative stops, it was decided to continue on to Naco, USA, a little town on the Mexican Border, at Naco, Mexico. There was a golf course club there with a restaurant open for breakfast. So off we went heading toward, and through Bisbee, then on to Naco - passing right by that Burger King, I mentioned earlier. I thought of leaving the group as we passed the Burger King, but decided, since I'd never been to the golf course restaurant, I'd tag along and see what was there. Turned out it was a nice place with reasonable prices, and even though I had thought about having only coffee, I wound up ordering a (big) pancake with an ‘over easy’ egg on top, later to be covered with butter and hot maple syrup. Good round table discussion about motorcycle stuff; Africanized bees; in home swamp coolers; fingerless gloves; (due to us older guys having skin problems from the sun), and other older retired ‘guy’ small talk. The coffee was great and the service was courteous and quick.

    Arriving back in Sierra Vista just before noon, I stopped off at the same Circle K for gasoline (always filling up before arriving home so as to have a full tank ready for the next ride), and to check my mileage. The tripometer showed 99.0 miles as I arrived at the gas pump, and once filled up (have to use premium gasoline due to the air cooled engine), determined I was still getting 43 miles per gallon. The Gold Wings use regular gasoline, as they are water cooled. Another 1.8 miles to my garage stall - and I was home. Boy was it getting hot!
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    Another great story Leeanders!
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    Thanks for sharing another great story...
    I for one am glad that you decided against selling the Fatboy awhile back....
    You are quite the inspiration for the younger guys....:s
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    another interesting story Leeanders - keep them coming.

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    Nice write-up! Sounds like a good start to the day and some good memories for tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! We like pictures too!