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  1. my brake light is not working bulb checked out ok plus i noticed when i rev up engine the lights get brighter can anyone help bike is 1992 flhtc
  2. HDDon

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    First check your batter connections at both ends, clean and tight. Check the inside of the light socket to make sure the connections are free of crud. I don't know how you checked the bulb, but I would try a new one once you're sure everything is clean and tight.
  3. Bodeen

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    If they are getting brighter. You may check the voltage at the battery while running. To see what the voltage regulator is putting out.
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    Does the stop light work with either lever, or just not work at all? Lights getting brighter can be a sign of a marginal battery or regulator.
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    Harley Davidson Forums Start here, check the stop lights with a good test light, pay close attention to the socket for looseness and check under fender wiring