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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by dozerman, Sep 1, 2011.

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    My buddy has a 2007 Heretage Softtail and asked me to change the rear pads on it. Change went without a hitch. First time to do a softtail and had no manual. After finishing brakes worked just fine but the brake lights wouldn't work except when the front brake lever was applied. Could I have inadvertently done something? Where is brake light switch? I had to add a little fluid and bleed a little air but like I said they work fine.
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    The rear brake light switch is a pressure switch in the line between the rear master cylinder and the caliper.

    Check the wiring under the fender for a rub through and the bulb/socket for proper contact. It's possible the light wasn't working before you changed the pads.
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    The switch is on the right side down by the frame. It will be back by the master. Check for power in with key on and power out with key on and brake applied. The switch could be bad.
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    Sounds as though the rear switch is bad. Find the master cylinder, follow the hydraulic line back to the brake cylinder, somewhere in between usually along the frame you will see a switch with 2 spade connectors on it, that is the brakelight switch. Replacement cost ~$19, easy to replace with exception of it's a little tight down along the frame, use needlenose pliers to reconnect the wires. You will have to bleed the brakes after replacement. Good Luck!
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    Got a good look at the switch today. Guess the reason I had to add brake fluid was because it was leaking fluid from around the switch. Was too hot to get close to so gonna look into the leak tomorrow morning while it is cooled down. Appreciate the advise and will post the outcome

    Just wanted to let yall know. The switch was bad. It was the cause of him losing brakes to begin with. It was cracked and barely leaking when the pedal was pushed. Everything 's back to normal now. It was a booger bear to get to though. Once again thanks for the help.Ride safe
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