Brake Light Switch fix. New Tire!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 09classic, Nov 29, 2011.

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    First let be say I bought my 09 ultra in Nov 2010 from another National Guard Member. The bike had 4000 miles on it and I paid 15000 for it. I do believe that was a good deal. The front tire has always had a roaring noice to it. In June I read on this site that the 407 on the front should have changed to a 408. Went to Mt Cheaha Harley in Oxford Al. The owner of the Mt Cheaha told me that the program to replace the tire had exspired.

    This past Sat I went to the same dealer to set up getting the brake light switch replaced. I went into the shop area of the dealership and told them what I was there for. The shop manager stated that if I could wait for it they could do it then. While I was waiting I told the shop manager about the 407 tire. He went over to his computer for a moment then picked up a tire tread tool and went to the bike. He then came back to me and ask if I wanted to wait while they put a new tire on it. This a real surprise a $300 tire change for free.
    It would be nice if all Harley Dealers treated people like I was treated the second visit.
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    you should name the dealer.
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    Just had to talk to the person who knows.:newsmile108: Sounds like the owner misspoke without checking it out first:p.

    BTW, my 408 that replaced the 407 on warranty is cupping out as well. I haven't owned a bike yet that the front tire hasn't cupped out on me. But this was the first time it was replaced under warranty.