brake light don't work

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by badass, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Hy my brake lights don't work .it seems like the switch only works for the rear brake. and not the front. i don't know first new hd Iver ever had . i had some alarm issues but toke it out after the Delora told me it was gone cost 200 bucks to Maury the fob to the tssm .now it start and runs well the tssm doesn't have Any thing to do withe the brake lights Du's it. need some info from you gays help if you can thank Aaron :newsmile08:
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    It sounds like the switch for the front brake inside the switch housing is the problem. They get damaged when the improper installation of the chrome housings or levers are done. Had any upgrades on the bars.housings or levers?

    This is what should be done when changing housings or levers to prevent damage to the switch which you can see if you squeeze the lever and look up in front of it.

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    When I changed my handlebars, the service manual said to insert a 5/32(?) spacer between the brake lever. I didn't understand why until I got in there and saw why. The brake switch sits perpendicular to the brake lever, so when you go to reinstall the switch,the actuator arm on the brake handle doesn't break the switch. Very crafty those HD guys!!!