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    Hi everybody! I'm new to the forum and I would like your help. What is your opinion of the wheel locks? The type that go through the brake disc. Alarm or no alarm? put on the front or back wheel, or one on each wheel?
    Let me know so I can make a wise choice......

    From post on "Softails":

    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to the site but not new to bikes, spent the last 30 years racing motocross, and still dable a bit. I bought a 92 heritage, would like to keep it!
    On these disc locks what are the best to get?
    Alarm or no alarm models?
    Front wheel, back wheel or both (2 locks)?
    Please help so that I can make a wise decision.
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    Smitty, if thats the case ,why even bother to get an alarm system.
  3. dangerdan

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    Is that not the idea, to slow them down ? I will agree that if a pro wants your bike there is not much you can do about it.

    A couple of high quality brake locks would ease my mind and if they want to thow my bike into the back of a truck they can have it. Atleast I can take pleasure in knowing I took precautions in preventing a possible theft.
  4. glider

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    If you make it difficult for the thief, they may look for an easier mark.:s
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    I use a wheel lock on the front disc,a bright yellow one. If some one is going to steal it the aren't gonna roll it away
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    If I were buying one, I would buy the one with the built in motion sensing alarm. Also, I have heard that it is better to install it on the rear disk when you use it, as the bike is more difficult to handle with the front bars locked to the stop and the rear wheel locked.
    If they try to move it on one wheel, it will only move in a circle.
    Even so, this may only buy you a few seconds.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Yep, all you can do is slow the thief down...I use a matched pair of padlocks for both front & rear disk, I also have a cable that wraps around the front lock & crashbar as a reminder that I have them on, also use the cable to string my helmet(s) if I am parked for any length of time (more than 10 minutes) because I am paranoid, even though I know Smitty is right that two strong guys could probably lift it into the back of a truck in just a few minutes. :bigsmiley19:

    The 2004 Sporty already has the standard factory ignition immobilizer (but has no audio module to "warn them" they are stealing a boat anchor) and steering lock as standard. :16:
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  8. Crambo

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    Disc locks serve only as visual deterant nothing more, therfore the brighter the color the better, the best come with an alarm and can be picked up relatively cheap, I bought mine for $20, if for piece of mind you want a good disc lock (with or without siren) check out Abus / Xena.
    The alarms are pretty sensitive so this works two fold, first and most importantly it can save you from an embarrassing situation by activating the siren just by moving the bike, raising the jiffy stand etcetera.
    I always put my disc lock on as close as possible behind the front brake caliper, and park up in such a way that I have to move my bike slightly before I can move off, this will reduce the possibility of an expensive bill from dropping the bike/damaging the brake caliper should you forget that you have a disc lock on. Mine is sensitive enough that you only have to touch the bike and it activates.
    DO NOT rely on a disc lock as an anti theft device it is not! A novice semi pro or pro will not waste their time trying to remove a disc lock, they will just stick a skate board under the wheel and you can kiss your Harley goodbye, unless your bike is chained to an unmovable object (or a EDIT ) its at risk!
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  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've got a bright orange one but I agree with 2 main points already brought up:

    1) It's a visual signal for the thief to see if there are any easier bikes to steal in the vicinity instead of messing with mine.
    2) It's there simply to deter the casual thief. I don't fool myself into thinking that it would slow down a pro even for a second.

    I've heard the best anti theft device is a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle cover!
  10. Romain

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    A disk lock might encourage the casual thief, if alarmed it might attract enough attention to prevent a theft.

    On the plus side, your insurance premium might be reduced as a result of the added precaution.

    On the funny side, if using one of these devices, make sure you put it on the right way round.
    I had been using an alarmed lock (125decibels) for a couple of weeks when I inadvertantly put it on with the keyhole facing the wheel.
    With the solid rear wheel on the Sporty I had no way to use the key.
    It took me a couple of minutes to remove the batteries to silence the thing screaming in my ear and twenty minutes with an angle grinder
    to cut it off without damaging the bike.
    Doh! :)