Boyesen X-Wing

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  1. The Bad Man's Angel

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    Does it work?
    I used Boyesen Power reeds in my 2stroke Motocross bikes (RM250) and they were a top quailty part that made noticeable power gains.
    His anyone used the X-Wing in a Harley?
  2. glider

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    I would save your money for a better upgrade. This may come under the heading of the snake oil products like some others I have seen advertised.

    In the testimonials...

    I can spin my tire in second gear; I have never spun in second with out the Power X-Wing. I can really feel the power when a passenger is on the back. I like the acceleration out of the turns, I don't have to down shift as much.
    My bike just runs so much better. - Tim Smith

    All this with 3 additional LBS of torque? :D

    Can you imagine if this guy did the stage 1 and gained about 10HP, he would be spinning the tire in 4-5 and 6th.
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  3. The Bad Man's Angel

    The Bad Man's Angel Active Member

    Another chicken that quacks like a duck. I never read testimonials in an add, they all sound the same.
    Thanks I'll keep saving up for the pipes I want.
    Rinehart 2 into 2 slip-ons
    Sportster Rinehart Slip-Ons by BUB
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Not trying to resurrect a dying thread but I read an ad for this product in a magazine and started doing some looking around.

    My main questions:
    1) Does it affect the air/fuel ratio? It claims to smooth out the flow and speed it up in certain sections but does that equate to MORE air? If so does the stock FI compensate for this to get back to the factory fuel/air setting?
    2) Glider, you seem to be thumbing your nose at the HP/torque gains because they're not huge. Granted, the dyno charts could be fabricated but even at only the small gains shown (I calculated around 2%) I gotta believe you could feel some difference. I'm certainly not looking to spin my tires but a little extra power would be nice, especially when riding loaded down.
    3) The main thing that jumped out at me was they are only $130 and supposedly pretty simple to install. A full Stage One to gain another 5% or so boost in HP/torque is going to run around $1,000 and be much more challenging for a novice wrench like me.

    I'm not saying I'm going to rush out and buy these things - I just want some more info and clarification on some areas.

  5. glider

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    There's a number of products on the market designed to separate the consumer from their dollars. I doubt there would even be a noted improvement with this product. All it is doing or claiming to do is to straighten out the incoming air. The intake passage whether it is carbed or FI will only flow so much CFM and adding something of this sort will IMO make no difference at all.
    Look at it this way, If you were to pour a bucket of water through a funnel and the n repeat it and put something similar to this product in the funnel to channel the water more effectively with the same size opening at the bottom of the funnel , would the water go through faster???

    As far as the testimonials about spinning his tire in second gear now......:D Probably a friend of the manufacturer wrote that one. NO WAY will this product do that!

    I don't thumb my nose at most mods with only small gains that are proven parts but being realistic for a minute, the dyno's and the operators of these machines can fudge the readings on dyno's any way they want them to look for their objective. A motor that can produce lets say 100 HP can be graphed at 92 or 106 depending on many variables such as air temp, engine temps, mixtures and other factors that can be changed with the dyno readings themselves like corrected HP figures, smoothing etc etc.

    I've seen posts claiming incredible gains like 28 HP with slip ons and intake. Do I believe that? NO!

    All that glitters is not gold!:s