Bouncing Speedo/Stuttering CD player

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Dak47, May 27, 2010.

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    Hey All,
    I've replaced tranny speedo sensor when the needle on the speedo took on a life of it's own 2 seasons ago. All was good except a few times here and there in super hot temps, till this season and the bouncing needle seems to take out my CD player to boot. Loud pipes and a short windshield at highway speeds:D make it tough to tell if I'm between songs but it seems to coincide with the speedo dying too much to be fluke.Don't always play tunes that fast as you can't really hear them. Any ideas?

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    Logical conclusion is your speedo and sterio share a ground.Get a wireing scamatic, trace it back and you'll likely find your problem.

    Over the years Ive found most wireing issues to be related to a mod.Either a pinched wire, or a bad splice.Check there 1st.
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