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    hey all
    So I am looking to boost my power on my 2002 wide glide 88ci
    I am 2 up usually
    I am thinking cam upgrade (also converting from chain to gear drive) my question is will just installing a cam be enough for that low end power or is it better to also port heads and are there other upgrades that I need to consider if I do this
    BTW I will be doing most of the wrenching myself
    I am just looking to stay with the guys when they tear off as they all have 103 and up and Im all stock
  2. HDDon

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    Have you upgraded the air cleaner and exhaust to more free flowing units? If so what type of fueler did you install?
  3. dolt

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    The first step would be a Stage I upgrade as HDDon has suggested; however, that alone will not achieve your goal of keeping up with 103 crowd. You did not say whether or not the bike was carbed or EFI which will make a difference in how you manage fuel delivery post upgrades.

    The first thing you need to do is decide how much you want to spend to keep up with or run away from the 103 crowd;that will determine whether or not you can make the required upgrades all at once or in phases.

    In addition to a Stage I upgrade, there are three things you need to do to achieve your goal:

    1. increase displacement
    2. head work
    3. cam set

    I would suggest that you do all three at the same time. There are several builders/porters that will sell you a "package", i.e. cylinders bored with pistons fitted and rings gapped and a set of heads ported to match you cam set. Some will also include the cam set; a list of those follow:

    1. Deweys' Heads, Don Dorfman
    HDBD Home
    Don is primarily a head porter but I know he works with customers to develop a package.
    2. VTwin Performance, Kirby Apathy
    VEE-TWIN Performance Center - High Performance Machining and Services for Harley Davidsons
    3. Hillside Cycles, Scott Palmer
    Hillside Cycle
    4. Automotive Machine & Supply
    Automotive Machine Supply :: Parts for Harley Motorcycles

    AMS is the only vendor that I know will supply a complete package right down to the gear drive hardware and for a very reasonable price.

    I would give each a call and select a vendor based on your comfort level with the vendor, the package they can deliver, delivery time and of course the price. These guys will quote a price on an exchange basis and will credit you back a core deposit when they recieve your undamaged cylinders and heads which will minimize down time.

    You will need basic hand tools, the service manual, miscellaneous hardware, whatever is not included in the vendor package, a couple of specialty tools and a weekend to get the job done.

    You should check crank runout to insure it is withing gear drive tolerance; runout should not be greater than .003". Having said that, the 2002 bottom end is near bullet proof with the Timken crank bearing and forged crank; the last year for both. Your crank runout will very likely be less than .002".

    If the bike is an EFI bike, you will need to purchase a fuel management system and plan on a dyno tune. So, you might want to check the local market for tuners to fine one with a good reputation and what system that tuner perfers; they all have a preference.

    If the bike is carbed, a Yost kit for the carb and a jet change will get the job done.

    This is a general overview of a plan; have been through this many times with family members and friends. If you have questions, let me know but if you want to spank those 103s, IMHO, this is the way to do that. Any of the three upgrades listed above, alone, will not get the job done.:cheers
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  4. lakevillehog

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    well Dolt thank you for this info
    I am not EFI so yost it is
    as for money I am not looking to break the bank in 1 shot but I have a few thousand to use
    and I don't really care if I can out run just stay close FOR NOW lol
    I will give these contacts a call you have been very helpful thank you
  5. dolt

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    I doubt that anyone of vendors on the list I provided can beat the AMS price, so if budget is an issue, check them out first. Additionally, the package is a complete package. They provide Andrews cams with their kits and of their gear drive cams, the 54G is probably best suited for your application. The only componenet I would change in the AMS package is the lifters; I would most likely opt for Gaterman or the new S&S premium lifter.


    If you prefer S&S cams, the 570G would be well suited for your application. Main thing is to do the compression calcs and set up for about 185-190psi and/or 9.3-9.4 corrected compression regardless of cam selection. I would also suggest installing the Axtell pressure bypass kit in your OEM cam plate, or whatever cam plate you choose.

    Home :: Axtell TC Oil Bypass System :: Bypass System :: Axtell Oil bypass system

    Not pushing AMS or any of the listed vendors and not saying any one is better than the other. All are well respected and professional; just saying that if budget is an issue, the AMS package price will be hard to beat. I have dealt personally with Don Dorfman and Scott Palmer and can vouch for them personally but I would not hesitate to do business with either of the other two based on their reputation in the industry.

    The Yost guys are very easy to talk to and very helpful. When you are ready, give them a call and tell them your build plan and if they think you might need more than the one needle that comes in the kit, they will usually throw in a second needle.

    Digging into a DIY project like this is fun and you get in intimate terms with your bike. There is plenty of help here on this forum if you have questions or encounter problems as you move forward. Please keep us informed of your progress and good luck.:bigsmiley24:
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    Also check Hammer performance and NRHS although primarilarly sportster they do big twins as well, or rbracing for their Orca motors and upgrades
  7. lakevillehog

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    wow very grateful for all the input gys
    I will be making calls today as I plan to start this by the end of this wk or early next
    I will keep posting my progress and when I get this site figured out a bit better pics lol not computer savy