Bolted in some 37's in a 07 Monday.

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    I helped a freind do a cam swap in his 07 StreetGlide monday and it all went pretty well, Andrews 37's SE adj pushrods and new install kit from andrews, used a bearing tool that GaryBeatty had made and it worked great and was only $85, anyways after we fired it up boy was it running rich, the PCIII had already been dyno tuned for stock and it loaded it up bigtime with the longer valve opening time but we sorta figured that also, got a appointment to get it tuned this Friday at 1:00 pm, now this is a stock engine other than the cams and a AN ac and a PCIII and Rinehart Truduals, I will let you know how it turns out, the bike had 8000 miles on the od so it's good and broke in, can't wait and see what the #'s will be. :D