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Discussion in 'South East' started by BuzzCap7, Jun 5, 2011.

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    If u r familliar, at the intersecion of Palmetto Park Road and A1A is the Palmetto Park Pavillion.

    In the center is a "cut out" (if u will) where bikers ride in to talk, gather for a ride, leave their bikes so they can enjoy the ocean, have lunch, etc... it is heavily used.

    I just found out there are NO PARKING signs there. I do not know y they would do that. Nor do I care to ask simply because I have been going there for years as MANY have and there never has been issue 1.

    I stink at coordinating but if someone would like to coordinate our bringing our bikes there and taking up ALL the spots (maybe 15-20) 1 bike each, then maybe the city will re-consider those No Parking signes.

    I think u can only park for 1 hr. So we can swap off with another bike every hour. If this was done Sat/Sun, I know it will get attention FAST.

    I am "in" if someone would like to coordinate it.

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    I am familiar with the pavillion you are talking about, there have been bikes parked in the cut-out for years, I have been told by parking enforcement to park my bike in the cut-out and save the spaces for cars.

    You are correct, there is a 1 hour time limit on the spaces, and they are pretty strict with that, I have seen the meter maid writing down license numbers and times to keep track of it.

    If somebody wants to coordinate a "park-in" we are up for it, I am currently on vacation in Maine but will be back Friday, August 12. (sure wish I had my ride up here in Acadia N.P.):bigsmiley23:
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    Wow if I had more time I would ride down there for it. But it's all I can do to keep up with my personal appointments and still make all my PGR rides within a reasonable miles radiius. The distance down to Boca is just a bit too long for me right now.

    What you guys need to do is start a thread titled ' SOUTHWEST FLORIDA RIDE FOR A GOOD CAUSE ' and educate the readers on what's going on, maybe have everyone meet up later in the day to a sports pub or something like that add the fun factor to it.
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    Rather than try to "force" the issue have you thought of taking your complaint to the city commision and explaining the historic use of the area for motorcycle parking? Sometimes a suggestion to provide motorcycle parking only in this area would create an atmosphere where the commisioners would be responsive. See if you can get on the agenda for the next meeting and have as many members of local motorcycle clubs attend.
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    Now that's a very good idea. As always Don is the level headed one. If you try that first you might actually get someone with a brain to listen. A room full of bikers might make the evening news and do even more good.