blue ridge parkway info please

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by ironmark, May 23, 2010.

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    I am looking to take a trip down the blue ridge parkway & I would like to start @ the northern part and end in the southern part , then I would like to go do the tail of the dragon and work my way home from there . Where does the parkway start and end at and would I have to back track alot to go the tail of the dragon ? Is this a good way to go or should I start at the tail of the dragon and then do the blue ridge parkway , also is there a lot of motels to stay in or should I bring camping gear ?
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    You can do it in either direction but from where you are I would do the Dragon, Chreohola (sp) Parkway then work my way to the start of the Southern end just outside Cherokee. It's over 400 miles and ends at Waynesboro, VA, where I live. Then you can work you way over to WV on 250 and head south or head to the Coast and catch the Outer Banks. There is some great riding all over the Shenandoah Valley. Have fun.
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    Go to and all your questions will be answered. This is a great trip no matter where you start.:D
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    There is only 1 or 2 motels on the parkway (that I remember). But there are towns close by all along the route that have motels and restaurants. I'm sure there are campsites too, but not being a camper I don't notice them.
    Remember, the B.R.P. is a scenic ride. It has a low speed limit and lots of RV's to make sure you enjoy the scenery. Also it's pretty well patrolled.
    The Cherohalla Parkway (Tellico Plains, TN to Robbinsville, NC) is a beautiful ride, with nice sweeping turns, and not a lot of traffic.
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    After the rough/cold winter we had in VA (I know you guys from Minn/Michigan/NY are grinning), but anyway there are some pretty good bumps in the pavemant at the bridges/overpasses etc., keep a sharp eye on the road...
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    Mark, that would be an awesome trip. I live just off the parkway on the Nc-Tn border, near Boone, Nc. Either direction you decide to go would be fine or full circle. You could also ride the "snake" Tn US421. There are some cool stops along the parkway to stop or stay. Look up Station's Inn in Laurel Springs, Nc, it sits right off the parkway and is a Biker motel, resturant, and bar. Freeborne's is another one at the same exit. They have live bands and etc. Grandfather Mountain, Maggie Valley, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge, there are so many good rides I cannot list all the routes. Hope this helps you some. Just Ride!!:D
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    Milepost 165.2 where Route 8 crosses the Parkway, Tuggle's Gap, Virginia.
    Nice little resturant located right off the Parkway within eye sight. Great food, cold beer and very biker friendly. The parking area is usually loaded with bikes. Also a small motel there, $50 a night for two. Nothing fancy.

    Tuggles Gap Restaurant & Inn, Floyd County Blue Ridge Parkway
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    We're taking the BRP this summer as well (first timers). Starting from Knoxville and hitting T.O.T.D. before starting from the south entrance. Very much looking forward to it.

    Keep an eye on T.O.T.D. closures. They had a rock slide earlier this year and it was supposed to be closed all summer. But apparently its open now but construction continues.
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    The Tail is open from the N.C. Side but not from the Tn. side Is what my Brother is telling me that lives in Maryville Tn. Have a great ride