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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Aces Full, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Aces Full

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    I hate the pinstripes on my 09 Black Ultra. I want to black out most of the bike, and I was stumped as to what to do about the factory grey stripes. I had gotten to the point where I was contemplating repainting the bike, which is expensive.
    There's a bike builder here in Nashville who does choppers for celebrities (Keith Urban, Tim McGraw)....when I discussed it with him, he suggested having a really great graphic artist do Black on Black, over the stripes, with a cool graphic....some of the black would be flat, some pearl, and interwoven.....then clear the bike, and add a hint of pearl into the clear....he claims the whole effect would be very subtle, and you'd see it differently in different light.

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this? How does it sound?
  2. Subby

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    I haven't seen one but...look at it this way...your ride would be unique! It sounds like it would look pretty sweet.
  3. whatyardwork

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    The steps taken to re clear a bike are virtualy the same as a complete paint job.IF youre going to dismantle the bike and sand everything...Removing the stripes and some primer is a drop in the buckett at that point.Re striping the existing stripes that you already dont like sounds foolish to me.Plus the stripes are raised,adding more material on top of them will only raise them more.
    If youre going that far why not get what you realy want?
  4. Moucheter

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    You just gave me some ideas!!! I have a black FLHRCI with grey stripe and I was thinking of removing the stripe. That will be a nice ''Winter Project''.

    Personally I think it will look very cool and different. :cheers.
  5. 03classic

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    Its only money!Sounds like the bike sis going to get a new paint job either way.It comes down to do want the pinstripe gone or a pssible unique paint job.
  6. speedyron

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    Ask this bike builder if he has any picks of what he described.