Bill and the monkey

the pirate

Biker Bill walks into a bar with a monkey on his shoulder and orders a drink.He'sittin' there sippin' away and the monkey starts getting bored,so he starts walking around the bar,he hops up on the pool table and knocks the balls around for awhile then grabs the cue-ball and eats it.The bartender flips out and tells Bill that he owes him $25.00 for the ball.Bill pays him,grabs the monkey and leaves.
A few weeks later Bill stops at the bar again with the monkey and orders a drink.The bar keep gets it and sits at the end of the bar eating some fruit .The monkey gets bored again and grabs a grape from the barkeeps plate and sticks it up his butt,then pulls it out and eats it.The BT flips and yells"Man ,what the hell's wrong with that monkey!!!? Bill turns around and says" Sorry man,ever since he ate the cue-ball he measures everything first!!!"