Biketoberfest in Daytona

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    Well this year Daytona was slow, however; the lack of people and vendors made the services better and the riding easier. Left home on Friday and the first stop was Breakfast at Denny's for an all American Grand Slam breakfast. Normally packed with bikers, this year walked right in sat down ate and back on the road. First stop Destination Daytona; again due to lack of crowds we received up front parking for the bikes. Hardly any vendors there but still made for a good time. I ordered some parts from J&P Cycle’s received an extra 10% off plus free delivery to the house (no need to carry them with me all weekend). Did a little x-mass shopping
    Met up with some friends and headed to downtown Main Street and received a big shock there. I was told the Beach Street HD shop is being turned into a museum, we didn't make over their but did get parking right in front of the Boot Hill Saloon. I did the whole main street thing with my friends while the misses shopped. After Main Street it was time to head north to the Broken Spoke. We enjoyed the rest of the evening at the Broken Spoke till it was time to head home. Again the not so big crowds made it a good time for all.
    Saturday was almost a repeat with the exception of Destination, we head straight down to New Smyrna HD and Gilley’s Pub 44 (no longer Gilley’s now called FINNS) ate some lunch there, the best burger I have had in a while, we did some walking around looking at the bikes and babes and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been doing Biketoberfest and Bike Weeks for as long as I care to remember and all I can say is we are an aged crowd. I will be fifty in a few days and so will all the bikers and friends I have known over the years. Rather talk about what we did last night we talked about what hurts these days. Now I am not complaining cause I still feel pretty good for all I’ve been through, but, it’s just funny how our lives and the industry has changed. I saw more women (including my wife) riding their own bikes and even more people riding trikes. I can remember when a trike was a novelty and when one was seen everybody was snapping pictures of it. I even remember saying at one time I would never ride a trike. Now I see one and I tell my wife when my knees are gone (5 surgeries to date) I’ll get one of those or I’ll turn the Electra Glide into one.
    The whole point of this rant was, Had a great time during BIKETOFEST this year cause as I get older I am finding I prefer the company of close friends and less crowds. Hope everyone else had as good time as we did down there. Enjoy be safe and enjoy life.
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    Thanks for posting I enjoyed reading the entire post. Sounds like you guys had a great time and it is hard not to have a great time over there. If you think it's hurst at 50 wait till you get 61 :lolrolling. I've only had one knee surgery and one broken neck but they ALL come home to hurt when you get older. :p

    Again really enjoyed reading your post but.... This Thread Would Be Better with PICS ! :D
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    all I can say is we are an aged crowd

    I'm 65 and have a trike kit on order.

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    Good read here, glad you still were able to have a good time. I missed it this year, on workers comp and cannot ride that far right now
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    Uh hate to hear that Capital J. Seems like sometimes things just ain't meant to be don't it. I always like the song, 'You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need'.

    Hope the back gets to feelun better. I know it's got be hurtun bad to keep you from sliding down I-95 to Daytona.
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    I hear you Slapp. After going through Cancer , Heart attack , Diabetes, among other issues, each and every day that I am able to ride is a blessing. It is still enjoyable to see the babes but reality is ain't gonna happen so I tend to get excited over the scoots and look for ideas that would work for me. I never was one for a big crowd but it is nice to spend time with family and friends.
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    Man I wish I was there. I seriously cannot wait for March. I think about it every day all day
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    I was there Saturday. I agree things were slow, not a lot of venders unless you were looking for leather or trinkets. Did get a good italian sausage sandwich though. ") Looking forward to March.
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    I was in Daytona all day Saturday. Like Mav said, lots of Chinese, Pakistan leather and junk. Crowd was much smaller than years past. The weather was perfect for riding. On the way home Saturday night I had wished for another couple hundred miles.
  10. R_W_B

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    That would have put you a little past Miami, heck might as well have wished for Key West, weather's great down there this time of year.