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    my 07 XL1200C wont start. the starter will spin and try to crank it up, but no luck. i turn the key and the fuel pump doesnt prime. i thought it was the battery, so i got a battery tender and it seemed to work, but no. last week i had to start it by twisting the throttle a little, and when i tried that this morning, it would not start. i tried the good ole push start method also ending in no start. i am completely boggled and frustrated... please give me some pointers!
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    Does the fuel pump run at all? Your saying the starter is turning the motor over but its not starting? Smell of fuel? After you crank it for awhile and pull a spark plug is there fuel present? If so check for a spark at a grounded plug..... Has the bike been sitting long? Was it running fine and quit? We need all the information possible before we can jump in and help.
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    Also...any recent mods added to bike that could've affected fuel/starting?
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    Are you getting any codes ?

    I take it you could still hear your fuel pump last week but now no, correct ?

    The self help section will help you retrieve codes if you need that.

    Check your fuel pump fuse. If it's ok, it would be nice if you knew someone with a fuel pressure test adaptor.

    Please direct you answers to others since my email notifications no longer work and it might be awhile before I get back on.
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    I'm less concerned with you hearing the pump than your actual fuel pressure. This is why. In my cars, first time you turn the key, it primes and if you turn the key off and back on, it won't prime. I believe it has some sort of delay built into it. Perhaps our bikes have the same issue. I don't know for sure.

    I would check a few things out first.

    Where are you at? Could it be colder and your air temp sensor out? Hard to say. Sometimes the temp sensor causes problems in cars.

    Get a fuel pressure gauge. Your pump can be running but WGAS if the regulator is faulty and the pressure is low enough to cause problems. Without a gauge, it is hard to say.

    Spark. What is it like? I would do this in a dark garage. Unplug both wires and make sure one of them is not contacting anything. Bag it if you can. Now I know the bike won't run. Take a new good plug or better yet, a tester. If it is a plug, ground the threads and crank. You should get a blue flame. Next, do the other one.

    In this dark garage, another thing to do is to get the bike running. I like to have the engine hot when I do this. Spray a fine mist around the wires and see if they leak electricity.

    If there is nothing, I would suggest that your injectors are probably 4 yrs or older. Wouldn't hurt to have them cleaned and tested. I do with all my engines. For my cars, it is at 100K. Others are 3 to 4 yrs because they sit inactive for periods of time. At the end of that exercise, you know how your injectors are and not guessing as with the snake oils you hope will clean the injectors. Even if it is clean, a faulty coil can cause problems the snake oils won't fix. Corvette Injectors dot com is pretty good and very reasonable. Cost is about 20-30 for 2 injectors to be cleaned and tested.
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    there are no mods as far as i know.

    i dont know how to scan for codes. is it like a car? the check engine is on, but if i cant get it started im going to have a hard time getting it to a shop. where would the fuel pump fuse be at? i am still trying to get a service manual, but money is tight after the holidays.

    if the bike is running, it is fine. its getting it started thats the problem. the plugs are new as of last month and it only sat over the weekend. the last couple starts of last week were tough. they included twisting the throttle while trying to start it. as far as i kno, a fuel injected engine should not have to be given throttle to get started.
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    1. I don't have the link handy but this site offers how to retrieve your codes. It's a sequence of pressing the speedo button and reading the speedo. It should also be in your manual.

    2. Starting only while twisting the throttle is a symptom of the IAC being clogged. But not starting at all sounds a bit more serious. Try to get some codes for the guys.
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    These guys have you covered. See what shows when you manually pull the code.
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    i got the following codes


    and Pn 32152-07 which i have no idea about.

    i dont know exactly how they tie together, but i know there is no spark from the plugs and plenty of battery power

    thanks for all your help guys!