bike won't start

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by rbmount, Mar 1, 2010.

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    i went to start my 99 rk the other day, and when i hit the starter, it turned over for a second and quit. now when i turn the switch on start, it does nothing- like the battery is unhooked. but when i turn the switch to the acc position, the dash light comes on like normal. i have checked the fuses, tightened the battery posts, even changed out the ignition switch, and still nothing, someone said it may be a starter relay, but i don't know which one out of the 4 is the one i need to check. if anybody has any ideas, i would appreciate them.
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    I would check the ground cable where it bolts to the starter mounting bolt, even if it's tight it still might not be making a good contact, there should be a star washer under the cable end, then check the battery voltage, should be at lease 12.6 but 12.8 is better. If it was a starter relay the starter would not have turned over at all probably, just a click.
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    Take the leads off the battery (neg last) and clean both mating surfaces of both ends of both cables with a wire brush. Resecure (neg last). Try again.