Bike to Bike Bluetooth with Half Helmet

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by Bait, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Bait

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    Anyone use a bike to bike bluetooth device with a half-helmet? Looked through the old threads seems everyone uses open or full face helmets. I looked at the Blueant and Cardo Systems web sites but they booth seem to need a helmet to hook to. Chip
  2. sdwold

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    The Cardo Scala Rider Q2 mounts nicely into a half helmut placing the mic at the corner of your mouth, eliminating the "pervert on the phone" sounds when breathing. I have used one for just under a year now and have had no problems with it. The range is good in normal riding situations but being bluetooth your limited to about 800 feet. HD sells the ear pockets that are required for the speakers when mounting this unit. They slide in between the foam and the shell on the helmet so a neck liner isn't needed. I especially like the MP3 player function on this unit since you can't always find that right FM channel.
  3. austin

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    I have experienced scala Q2 and blueant intercom F4.

    scala is nice product. The blueant disconnects from the friend when she gets more than a kilometer behind and it doesn't reconnect aparently the scala system will still reconnect and battery life lasts a EDIT of a lot longer.

    also above 65-70, my blueant F4 starts annoying voices, so it becomes impossible for me to enjoy music or stay connected with my pal riders. Its just a useless device for me. so I would recommend scala to every one.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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    Thanks austin, as I maybe in the market for a couple this summer.

    Take care and ride safe eh!!:D
  5. aimal

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    @ austin

    m facing pairing problem (pairing of f4 with my zumo).I am also having same problem. I contacted zumo team and they said its because of blueant interphone f4. When I went to return this product (the interphone F4) Blueant were a nightmare to deal with.. also I connected my friend's scala with my zumo, and that worked really very fine. I also read some forum replies on other forums, and found that it is the common problem with most of blueant+ zumo users. I wouldn't recommend blueant to any one :newsmile055:
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    We use Blue Ant. They work great but last only about 5-6 hours and need recharging. I'm investigating the new SENG SMH10 blue tooth. They claim to last 10-12 hours and can pair up with up to 4 other riders. Blue Ant also has come out with the F4 set that looks promising but still only connects to one other rider. I've had my original Blue ant head sets for 3 years and they have held up well except for one time the speaker went out on one set so I had to order a replacemnet for about $20.