Bike moves while in gear

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by 98harleycustom, Feb 2, 2013.

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    ok, here goes. Ive got a 98 Sportster custom that I recently bought. Because of the snow and ice I havent been able to ride much so when I recently got goos weather I took advatage of it. Rode about 110 miles , came to a stop and while going from 2nd to 3rd it made a whining noise from the clutch area. The clutch and chain were adjusted per posts and manual and I could see no obvious problem from the clutch cover or chain inspection cover, so I pulled the primary cover for further inspection...Now Im puzzled..there is nothing obvious to me as to what the problem could be and Im to new to Harleys to know what to look for.. Please help as to what to look for or give me a direction to research. :( There was nothing broken in the bottom of the cover and the oil didnt smell burned.
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    If all is good in the primary then it sounds like something in trans has a problem, put the clutchback in and leave the primary cover off have the trans in gear and push the bike if the primary chain and clutch basket is turning then the problem is not in that area
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    I am a wee bit confused on exactly what the problem is what i understand from your post was that the bike was at a standstill and you tried to change gear from 2nd to 3rd there was a whining noise from the clutch

    A few points to consider the clutch is a multi plate wet clutch the oil that the clutch is dipping in is used to assist the friction material to hold the smooth plate by creating suction around the friction pad
    when the clutch pressure is released that is when you apply pressure to the clutch leaver then the spinning of the clutch will help break the bond of the suction around the friction pads by throwing the oil off the plates the slower the clutch is spinning the longer it takes
    The correct grade of oil in the transmission of the sportster is essential to its good operation as it has to be suitable to deal with the clutch and the gearbox
    The wrong grade of oil too thick can cause clutch drag and too thin clutch slip
    Too much or too little oil can have similar effects as wrong oil grade

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    I too am confused. "Bike moves while in Gear". Are you saying it Creeps or moves with the clutch pulled in? When you had the primary off did you see any copper/brass looking pieces?They would be small. If you did then the Spring Plate in the clutch is going South. The copper/brass pieces are rivets on that plate
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    This is confusing, need more info. Is this belt drive? Reason I ask is the tranny sprocket has been known to shear, there is an upgrade kit available