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  1. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    I want to buy a new bike lift but I don't want a cheapie, I already have one. I am kicking around a Pitbull or a J&S but I am undecided. Anyone have either or can suggest another brand and offer their ideas why I should buy that lift.
  2. hobo55

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    I have no experience with the Pitbull,but I do have a J&S and it is one sturdy jack. Have had my bikes up on cheaper jacks and they seem a bit scary to me. You can tell the difference. Heard good things about Sears but have never tried one. Just can't see trying to balance twenty grand on a fifty dollar lift. One oops and your savings plus is gone.
  3. Gas Gauge

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    Pitbull Motorcycle Lifts, Built by bikers for bikers with you and your bike's safety in mind.


    I have a pitbull jack and it is amazing, the link above shows a guy sitting on the bike while it's up on the jck, not tied down, and he is going through all the gears, while another guy climbs on the floorboards and jumps around.

    I saw them do the same demo at the Lone Star Rally last year, and got a great discount the last day as they were packing up.

    I use mine everyday to turn my bike around and just couldn't see not owning one. You do have to have the room to store it because it is not compact, I just slide mine under the work bench. This is one sturdy, well built jack, I've heard the Pitbull and the J&S are almost identical.

    It took me several tries to position it under the bike just right so I could drain the crankcase and transmission without repositioning the jack. I asked the pitbull guys this year at the rally where is the best place to do so, and if there were any positions that would cause a problem. He said as long as the jack was under the frame I could jack up the bike (i.e. forward or backward of the centerline of the frame), he was right.
  4. Bodeen

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    I dont have either jack but I did buy a chock from J&S. The customer service was great and shipping was fast. The product is very stout. Very friendly folks and I would do business with them again without question.
  5. R_W_B

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    The two you listed are known to be the best that I know of. Ken don't you wanna Table lift instead ? (or do you already have one?)

    If I ever get anything besides my cheap lift I'm going for a table lift.
  6. kemo

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    Yes I have a table lift, I just wanted something to carry in the RV. I ordered the Pitbull today. The Pitbull had a better description such as Zerks on all moving parts, 4 inch castors and a 25 inch lift. They have free shipping special for Christmas. They told me that during Daytona bike week it is on for $400 but I would have to make the trip with the truck to pick it up so I decided to buy now and have it handy.
  7. Trek

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    Two thumbs up for the J&S. I have had it for over two years now. It is very sturdy and no tie down straps.
  8. glgarrett

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    Both the J&S and the Pit Bull have good reputations. I bought the J&S this year and am completely satisfied. Great quality and function. :)

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Kemo, since you already have lifts of various kinds already...I would just get the HF one, it does the job, can be had at just over $55 with 20% discount coupon.

    I prefer to save my money for things to improve the bike or performance, rather than "support" and service equipment, unless necessary, but that's just me...!
  10. dangerdan

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    Make sure you get a push handle. When I ordered my Pittbull, it did not have one. It just makes it easier to manuvere in the garage. I think they wanted $30 for the handle so I made one up.

    When you get the jack, grease all the fittings. This will make it alot smoother.

    What I like the most about this jack is that even if there is a slow hydraulic leak, the bike will settle back on its Jiffy stand. No more worries about the bike falling off the lift.