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  1. hogcowboy

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    Ever since I started riding with the PGR I've thought about flying 3x5 flags. I bit the bullet and did it. Should have added up how much it would cost first. (Edit) ! Anyway my first mission with them was a trial by fire. A 70mph trip from Wichita Falls Texas to Fort Sill Oklahoma. Flags and I survived.


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  2. Trek

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    They look good Cowboy. I fly the smaller ones when I go on a mission. I do know most of the guys who have those roll them up and cover them when not actually on the mission. How was the handling of the bike?
  3. gusotto

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    At highway speeds, most encase the flags for safety and only fly them at slower speeds.

    They can cause handling issues and that isn't a safe thing in a procession.
  4. hogcowboy

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    Well I use clips to put them on and only fly on mission. Not to and from. But the trip to Fort Sill was the mission. Bike handled fine even at that speed but it sure ruined my gas mileage. The worst is with cross winds of course. That gets a little rough.