Big city thunder monster baffles!!

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    all i can say is wow! i had a post here some time ago about making my exhaust louder and was wondering if anyone ever modified v&h baffles,someone told me to look into big city thunder baffles,so i did and boy am i glad i did.i was a little reluctant to spend more money on my exhaust after just putting v&h big shot duals on and not being 100% happy with the i just b.s. myself into liking the sound,after looking into bct and talking with the tech (jim) over there a couple times,i did it. after some trying different ways i found the best sound for me was the bct monster baffles up inside 8", with the washer toward the back and a 2" piece of my v&h baffle at the tip of exhaust.....sounds great, nice deep tone and pretty loud when i want it to be. wtg bct.:newsmile106: