Big City Thunder baffles...a vibration remedy?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by kurt64, May 11, 2010.

  1. kurt64

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    I have a heavily customized 02 carbed FXST with a stock 88B. Some time ago, I installed an open 3" primary from BDL. While I had the exhaust removed for the "surgery", I removed the baffles from the drag pipes. Ever since this was done, I developed a fork vibration when throtle is applied in 4th and 5th gear and also when cruising down the highway at 55mph. The forks actually 'jump' up and down about an inch or so when I crank on the throttle in those gears. Since then I have installed a free flowing air cleaner as well. A 46 jet and needle mod are going to get installed this weekend to get rid of the lean condition as described on this forum, but I was wondering if Big city thunder baffles would also help with the vibration or is this simply due to the 3" open primary. The front end has been totally replaced/rebuilt so I know the issue is not in the lowers, bearings, wheel, or stem. Any advice or experience?
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    I would think the belt tension on the open primary may be the culprit. I don't do open primaries but I do know that if the rear belt tension isn't right it can send harmonic vibes through the bike and break seat bolt tabs, ask me how I know----jack