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    A major service recall doesn’t have to be devastating to a company, in fact they can use the recall to make millions.

    Case in Point….Harley Davidson.

    Harley just recalled 200,000 motorcycles for bad brakes, 175,000 of them are in the U.S.

    The problem for the consumer is the recall does not cover everything and that’s where Harley is cashing in.

    In fact that recall is going to cost most of those customers in the neighborhood of $700 to repair a part not included in the recall but caused by the underlying failure.

    In this way Harley gets to look like a good guy recalling and “repairing” faulty brakes while sticking it to their customers on these other charges that are not covered by the recall. It’s a brilliant piece of American Ingenuity at work. They will make enough off the additional charges to pay for the recall work and still make a sizeable profit.

    Quick Math: 175,000 recalls x $700 = 87.5 Million dollars!

    Oh, and you gotta pay it , or you can’t drive your bike off the lot, it’s too unsafe without the repair.

    So all of a sudden, due to no fault of your own your Harley brakes stop working putting you and the public in danger and you get a recall notice where Harley says “our bad”, bring it in and we will repair it for free. Who wouldn’t bring it in, it’s a safety matter and it’s free? Why not? Right?! We trust Harley don’t we?

    Then you get a call saying the problem causing the recall also caused another part to go out but the recall does not cover that part so it will cost you an additional $700. If you opt not to get the repair because it sounds like you’re getting hosed, they inform you to remove the bike you have to put it on a trailer because it’s unsafe to drive without the expensive repair. Oh, and you have to sign a release like they won’t give you your property unless you trailer it and sign the release. More pressure to pay the $700! What a Rip-Off.

    Look for more companies to stage recalls like this one and not include crucial parts in the recall, then hold your property hostage until you pay up.
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    Haven’t read up on the recall to much, but I can see your point. On the other hand, I would think $700.00 would be a lot less than what is covered under the recall, is a fairly cheap price to be able to ride without having to worry about your brakes failing and possibly turning catastrophic to you and your loved ones. Just sayin,,,,,,​
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    So what was the $700.00 they charged you for, was the part failure do to faulty fluid? How many times did you have the fluid flushed?
    Should be close to the bikes 3rd brake fluid flush, and if you have been doing the recommended service and have the copies of service performed than why wouldn't the recommended parts be covered?
    If you have your copies of the brake fluid being flushed and your are being told that because of the faulty fluid the parts failed than get ahold of the attorney general in your state and request having a class action suit filed for failure do to low quality brake fluid being installed by the dealer.
    Let us know how it turns out.
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    I'm curious, what part needs to be replaced that costs 700.00?
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    I'm interested to see if you all get answers to your questions....
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    Me too, you could replace your complete brake system for less than 700.00.
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    I posted my comment in hopes of rattling his cage a little. But I guess not. Reading his comments, I just got the impression there was more to that story than he was telling.
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    True recall story or not, this is one of the reasons I never carry my bike back to the dealer for work I can perform as well, or better, than they can. More riders need to learn to do their own wrenching, and become familiar with the bike they ride, imo.
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    I bet that if we look in other forums the OP has joined many of them and posted this word for word. We can leave it up for a bit. Interesting to see some of the comments.
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    Too many generalities, no specifics. Typical of a Harley bashing troll.