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    I was on a week long trip in Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ when my shaft lever came off my transmission. The one that connects the input shaft to the shift rod assembly. At first I thought it was just a loose bolt, but no. After I got it back on and tightened down, it fell off after a quick 3 miles. This is when I got the ugly knowledge that the part was worn down. After only 12,000 miles. I was not a happy camper! I got back to the hotel by attaching a shock cord around the lever and through the engine to the clutch cover. Next morning I went to the local shop and got a new lever. After putting it on and tightening it, I knew it wasn't going to make it. The input shaft was worn as well. After only 12,000 miles!! When I got home, I did a little research on the forum and came up with some recommendations on the Better Lever. It's a machined lever arm that connects with 2 bolts instaed of one and the concept seemed pretty sound. I called Conrad and ordered one and got it in a week later (at 15% off and free shipping because of this forum). The process looked fairly simple, especially since I knew mine came off easily. Some bikes don't have as much room down there and have to cut the lever off, I guess. Attaching it also seemed kind of easy. But when it was on... it didn't shift. So I tried different angles, positions, torques, you name it. After 6 hours I was a basket case. The next morning, I got back in there and took some close up pictures because you can't see very well. It looked like I had some obstruction caused by the lever and that's why it wouldn't shift. I emailed the pictures to Conrad and then called him to talk about what could be causing this. He didn't know, but agreed the lever might be binding. He told me to send it back and he would measure it, grind it a little, repolish it and send it back.... all on his dime, and if he couldn't make it right, he'd refund my money. I told him that sounded good, but that I would split the shipping with him (he'd already given me free shipping once). He turned it around in 1 day, made the bottom a little smaller and shaved down a bolt, and when I went to install it---- 1/2 hour to take the old one out and put the Better Lever in and it fit and worked perfectly.

    If you ever have a lever problem, or want to replace the (Edit) OEM one with a nice looking machined lever, Google Better Lever. If you get the chance to deal with Conrad, you'll be glad you did. He's a gentleman, a great businessman with excellent customer service and just a fun guy to talk bikes with.

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    Thanks for the heads up and advice :s