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    This is using the latest Gen 4 supplied by Dobecks for my BETA of their Fine product.

    The Dobeck Gen 4 is perfected right now.... Check out that unit.

    You can adjust the fuel in 3 modes and get power when cracking the throttle,while not running Lean...

    Cruising, you can set the yellow AFR leaning it out to get GREAT fuel mileage...

    I got 50 miles per gallon on a long two day travel, mostly doing 65/68 mile pr-hour on two lane roads from lower Az. into N M, over the last two days of running, I could NOT believe the Mileage...

    My 09 FLHR King, stage one plus SE255 cams, running cool and setting the AFR on the cruise from 14 (getting 45-46 mpg) to 15 on this cruise, giving me the 50 mile per gallon. At NO TIME did I lack Power NOR run too lean or Hot.

    Cracking the throttle at any time,,,, I have it set to run at 12.5 AFR and does it MOVE...

    Man,,, AM I HAPPY with this unit.

    I have been doing BETA for the Dobeck Co. on the Gen 4 unit. Many Changes have made it work Properly on my bike....(and Now Yours)

    They Have FINALLY Hit a Home Run with this Gen 4 In My Book.

    Check it out and IF you order, Don't forget the HDT discount...

    Phone orders only will recieve the Discount.


    Tell them BUBBIE sent you...Cause he was HAPPY and Pleased with the Gen4.....

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    Sounds like you are pretty pumped up about this Bubbie!

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    Wow I like the 50 MPG...
    I have the old pot style if sometime would happen to mine ,I'd sure get the one your talking about :)
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    Did I see this right? You readjusted your AFR to a 15 on cruise to get 50mpg. That seems to be pretty lean,versus 14.7, but it ran cool and had plenty of power. I'm not very knowledgeable on FI but am learning.Slowly at my age(lol).

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    I'm HOPING the Dobeck Bunch will work a trade in or something for getting a user of their other product INTO the Gen4 and Keep us SMILING...

    Ouch,,,, :newsmile100: I May catch it for Suggesting this....

    They are really BUSY as this is their Snow-Mo-Bile time (10-29-12)...:34:

    Still 80* here in Az....:D

    I think there may be something com'n down the Pike.:small3d036:

    I'll work at it from My end:s


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    YES,,,, I would Not say it this way IF it weren't true....

    I could Hardly believe it my self.

    I talked with Mark Dobeck, a lot of LEARNING, so I figured I'd give it a try to get MORE fuel mileage. Going up on the AFR (leaner) I was happy with 45/47 at 14AFR.... I had been keeping it at 13.5 THINKING the same way You did....... OVER HEAT...

    Over Heat was Not there at 14 so why not try 15?

    MAN the proof is in the trip and mileage I got and I KNOW what over heat is on the bike.IT WAS Not There...

    The HEAT at cruise is Mostly controlled by the air flow, making the bike Lean AT cruise and WHEN I WANT is the key.:D

    It takes me (on the fly) TWO seconds to move the yellow AFR back to 14 or any setting I CHOOSE BUT it was NOT needed To change to the lower setting....(86* out) Kept it at 15 AFR for the whole trip.....

    My setting of 13 / 13.5 AFR on the green pot keeps it Cool around town and at Slow speeds.
    ON the road at cruise (air flow cooled) and 14 running cool at Cruise and now tried 15 AFR at Cruise and getting the 50 mpg. and Still running COOL.....WOW......

    The red pot I set at the Recommended "SAE" setting, running @ 12.5 (rich) Is for the Twist Throttle and GO and I mean GO....:glasses

    I know of NO other tuner that will afford you the tune capibilities of this Gen 4... AND NO DYNO NEEDED...

    I'm NOT into TTS or the HD tuners BECAUSE of the too complicated way to set them up. I can and DO tune the Gen4 on my bike by the seat of My pants.... Many adjustments tried and NOW the 15 AFR:D

    I Only tried this 15 AFR when it was cool out :newsmile100: 86* here in Az.:newsmile100:

    Now WHEN 105* I was happy with 13.5 to 14. getting 42 to 46 mpg when REALLY HOT out.

    I don't know what the bike would act like IF 15 AFR on a 105* day? I do think it would be NO different as long it was under Cruise and Not bogged down in stop n go traffic.
    Hence; my 13.0 setting on pot one (or what ever I Want) takes care of heat then..

    YOU can set the Gen 4 to ANY setting you (YOU) want and feel the results in the seat of your pants.....(pants for performance AND Thicker Wallet in the fuel savgs.):newsmile016:

    I don't get Paid a cent from Dobeck and I Have only tried to get/give the profits/commissions I COULD OF HAD to the HDT form and it's members.

    So when I say it WORKS,,,,,, Believe me, It Works.

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    yep, I would trade my GEN3 in for a Gen4. Mine is only a couple of years old. I like the idea of the gauge as you know what your bike is doing and then the adjustment on the fly is very cool.
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    Got mine installed can't wait for spring...
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    where did you mount the gauge?
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    I'm jealous!!