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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by BibRider, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. BibRider

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    I bought my first Harley a little more than a year ago. Bought it from a car dealership ( they still send me notices that it's ready to be brought in for service...yeah right!). I didn't know anything about HD, and still learning. Once home did alot of searching through J&P and HD trying to figure out what grip was what, pipes from where, etc...etc..

    EFI unit, found a DFO unit added on the 4 or 5 switch pot variety.

    Question is this. How could I find out what all has been done to the bike in places I can't see? Could a good dyno guy tell me if work has been done to internals?
  2. PetieJ

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    Try to contact the previous owner and ask them. Ask the dealer that sold the bike to you if they know who it is or contact the Department of Motor Vehicle, they will put your through to the Public Disclosure area. Provide them your VIN number. I.e. Vehicle identification number. VIN determines which/when/whom maintenance work was performed on the bike. They will tell you the previous owner of the bike. There is info on motorcycles like the CarFax for cages.
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