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    Step by Step Instructions for Testing Your Harley’s Charging System

    1. Battery Test:The battery needs to be a fully charged battery that has been load tested to ensure proper readings. If you are not working with a fully charged and functional battery, all other voltage tests will be incorrect. Most places like Auto Zone, Advance Auto, and Pep Boys will charge and test motorcycle batteries for free. Standing battery Voltage should be 12.5-13.2 DCV.

    2. Charging System Voltage Test: Start motorcycle, Measure DC
    Step by Step Instructions for Testing Your Harley’s Charging System
    Volts across the battery terminals (you should have a reading of approximately 13.2-15 DC Volts).

    3. Check Connections/Wires: Inspect the regulator/stator plug, and check the battery terminals for connection/corrosion. If everything seems to be in order, move on to number 4 below to determine if there’s a failed component.

    4. Stator Checks/Rotor Check: Each of the following tests isolate the stator & Rotor, If AC Output test Fails and Resistance Check, and Stator IB Test Pass then Rotor is at fault (Pull Primary covers and inspect rotor for damage).

    • AC Output Check:
    1. Unplug the regulator plug from the stator
    2. Start motorcycle and change Voltmeter to AC volts.
    3. Probe both stator wires with your meter leads.
    4. The motorcycle should be putting out approximately 18-20 ACV per 1,000 rpm. (Reading will vary depending on system, check service manual specification)

    Start with a known good battery @ 12.7 volts or you are wasting your time load tested not below 10 volts

    Hope this helps Jack
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