Best countries for Harley riding and support

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by MIB48, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. MIB48

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    Fellow riders, first let me apologize if I am posting in the wrong thread but I am looking for advice. I am planning on leaving the country in Jul/Aug 09; just me and my RKC and I want recommendations on where the best locations might be for riding my Hog and getting mechanical support. If you've been outside the US on your or a rented bike and can provide advice I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance.
  2. DDogg

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    Are you a HOG member? They can supply you with an atlas showing all Harley dealerships in the area you going.
  3. MIB48

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    Thanks DDOG, and yes, I am. However, I am looking for personal and not so much "commercial" experience. Also, let me clarify my intent: I am looking for a PLACE to go that is suitable. I have NOWHERE in mind.
  4. Rebyl

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    How far you want to go bud, down here in New Zealand its now our summer, did a ride today around Mt Ruapehu....85 degrees plus and it was awesome ..good mates, good roads. You are never to far from help down here...and NO...we are not part of bloody Australia...they are just a close cousin...LOL..about 3 hours by jet.
    C'Mon Down Under and enjoy the clean green and friendly Southern part of the planet.....there are more HD's down here than you would imagine
  5. M' one.

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    Europe has excellent H.D. back up and will give you lots of variety but best left to late spring or summer. Safe riding.
  6. martin14

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    MIB48, dont know how far you are going, Canada has great support for HD.

    If you wind up in Spain, there is a shop I highly reccomend:

    M&M Custom
    Between Valencia and Alicante, on the Med side of Spain.
    Small town called Alfaz del Pi, go near Calpe or Benidorm and most bikers should know them.

    2 brothers, German guys, excellent guys, really top notch service.
    Moving to Italy in a while, would still ride back to see these guys for service or custom
    Best guys I have ever had the pleasure of giving money to. :)