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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Billbo, Oct 20, 2014.

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    Does anyone here have any info pertaining to "bending" the passenger backrest (sissybar type). It's on a 2011 Road King and the wife says its too vertical and pushes her too far forward - if I could just bend it back a little bit - would be perfect. But HOW?? Any suggestions or experience? Oh yeah - the back rest is one of those quick disconnect mounts too.

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    Hmmm. Post a pix if you can from the side of the bike showing the angle and the mount.

    Unusual that the complaint is "not enough" angle. Usually it is the other way.

    Check and make sure the quick release base is correctly mounted particularly at the back of the base on each side. If not, this would tilt the sissy bar forward some.

    If all is mounted right, and your wife still is not happy with the angle, then unattach the sissy bar from the base and lock it in a large bench mounted vise (make sure that the vise jaw guards are on) above the screw holes and gently flex the sissy bar to increase the backward angle of the posts. Be careful not to crack the chrome (if you do, you will have to get the sissy bar stripped and rechromed!!). Might help to grab the sissy bar with a couple of wooden jaw clamps (see pix).

    Good luck.



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    Instead of "bending" the back rest, is it possible to modify the mount to achieve the desired results??? I'm not familiar with the quick disconnect mount you have, so I don't know if it's possible, but I would think it could be done. Drill a few holes and there you go :D
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    The repositioning of pad is the way to go or a different pad. If you could get bar to bend evenly how are you not going to crack and damage chrome.
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    Dbmg is right about the chrome cracking. I had the same problem with my driver backrest. I was able to bend one leg at a time by putting in a vise and using a pipe as a cheater bar. Felt like I would break the vise but worked fine. Had to repaint the bars though from scratches...