Belt and Pulley width question

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by pjones, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Hi...I have a 11/2 in. belt and a new 150 tire on my 93 softail. The belt is 1/8 inch from question is: If I bought 11/8 inch pulleys and belt would I get the extra clearance I need (the 3/8 of an inch) or do I have to add spacers behind the new pulleys.
    Next question: Where is a good place to order pulleys? there a sight that tells you what size belt you need for various pulley sizes?
    Thanks again
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    I did the Harley wide tire conversion on my 92 fatboy except I ordered just the pulley and belt seperate rather than buying the whole kit which was more expensive and not needed. You can modify the belt guards rather then buying new ones.
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    I would go with the conversion kit from Harley or a good aftermarket company, get the kit, it is all there and no need to worry about problems down the road. Spend a little extra now and save alot later.