BCT header baffles

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by glyd-n, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. glyd-n

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    Has anyone ever used the Big City Thunder header pipe baffles? If so,what do you think of them and do they perform well.
  2. H4U30

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    Just replied to your other post. I have the BCT baffles in my head pipes and baffles removed from Rinehart slip ons and I love it!!!
  3. wyhog

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    I had them on my 2008 Heritage Softail....they perform pretty well and are loud....if you like loud...you will like these.
  4. Grillfish

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    BCT will tell you when you buy them that for some 09 touring bikes the header inlet is about 1/16th too narrow (the end of the header pipe seems to be curled in alittle). Thus you need to do alittle work at the header inlet and then they slide right in. You also have to drill a hole in your header pipe to screw the "baffle" to the header.

    I have one on the left side header on my bike in conjunction with the V&H basic slip ons (kept V&H baffles in). The issue with the V&H is that they are 2 1/4" baffles, thus you loose backpressure. So now, the flow is similar to the OEM setup where most of the exhaust goes out the right side pipe and little goes through the left side. Similar to Jackpot mufflers that builds in different baffles for left/right and Rush mufflers where you can buy smaller left side baffles than right.

    This in conjunction with my Ness Big Sucker and TFI, I love it.

    Ride safe and have fun.
  5. ultrat

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    info please touring mufflers baffles inside size right & left helping backpressure or a good read on info i have 09 ultra hi flo a/c. exhaust confusing, would stay w/ my stock head pipes tx.