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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by glidenwide, Dec 4, 2010.

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    I dont have electric where i store my bike and I have 2 huskys that eat anything so an extension cord is out of the question. Is it ok to pull my battery out of my bike and keep it in my house for the winter? Or should i just leave it in and put the tender on it before I ride again?
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    Absolutely!!!!!! Pull the battery and bring indoors. Be sure to have battery in a cool spark free zone. Install tender over the winter and forget about it.
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    Todays AGM Batteries don't like to be discharged, so with the sinarios you presented, Id take the battery where you have electricity & keep it on the Tender. Keep in mind the safety of your family, not near flamables & such.
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    A Husky that eats extension cords? Better cover your Tires:)
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    Thanks guys.

    Yes huskys that eat anything. They have chewed a cord while I was in the middle of a project. I think they are bullet proof. I keep my bike indoors so no worries about them eating the bike. Its really rediculous the destruction they do. I will never have that breed again
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    We had a Husky 18 years back, the are an accentric breed. My wife suggested we name him Harley, since at the time that was as close as I was going to get to owning one.

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    Wow! Don't shoot the dogs, they are NOT bulletproof...seriously, dogs get that chewing habit early, and if you do not stop them they will develop that nasty habit...some people even feed dogs rawhide treats in the shape of things they DO NOT WANT them to eat like shoes, ropes and silly is that?:newsmile030:

    As for the Battery Tender, keep the cords dressed high and away so they do not have access to them, or as you said you can go through the trouble to dismount the battery...but on the new 2011 HD bikes they have that HDLAN based technology.

    I am not sure how well thought out a fully disconnected battery will do, with the intrinsic complexity of Security Alarm, MicroProcessor Controller and Programming backup is within that design...they may have a hidden coin/cell imbedded within; although likely they have EEPROM hard coded technology so may not be a concern. I would find out from MOCO or consult the 2011 Service Manual to be sure.
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    What about if maxi fuse removed???? Would that be beneficial????
    Maybe Hoople might know.
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    I dug a trench and buried the extension i put out to the bike shed and also fed it through some proper external conduit so that i cant go through it with a spade
    Yes dog can dig holes but he hasnt learned how to move the 2 x 2 x 2" paving slabs that are above it
    But then bike shed is also my main workshop and i have once or twice needed to use power tools

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    No i would'nt shoot my dogs, although i have said it. The chewing thing is not totally their fault, we should have done better training.

    Thanks for bringing the electrical thing up. I was wondering about that. I dont know much about all this electronic stuff. I will see what I can dig up from the moco and manual.