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    I just finished a saftey rider course so I can get my m1. I rode my harley the second day of range practice and test. The students and instructors were for the most part sport bike riders. The atmosphere changed towards me with the lead instrutor after I rode in on my harley. Not sure if it was because of my harley or the half helmet and black leather which in class they said its unsafe.Anyway I had the most points deducted in the class and by a big margin. I know some of it was my mistakes. But they were easy on some others. Dang some had zero riding experiance.I guess my ego was just a little brused. Oh ya I passed though.
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    Congrats and welcome to the forum:p

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    Have to admit coming from the metric side of the house that my efforts in instruction were to bring up the newbie riders to a level where their skills learned were "survivable" and repeatable. I did not spend so much time with the older "seasoned" riders, as they had most of the fundamental skills, but only needed to practice or "unlearn" a few bad habits.

    So yes it may seem like more "points" were lost, but probably due to your not meeting your expected progress. True, many newbies did not have the skills of the old timers, but the delta change was such a joy to see...! Try to cut the instructors some slack, they are volunteers trying to do a job that challenges many students at different levels of progress and skill sets. The fact of the matter is, you passed and probably are the best for it. JMO
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    You want to remember the positive points of taken the course. I can assure you that by taking the course it will save your bacon many times if you incorporate your learning experience into every ride. Being slighted, might be that you ride a Harley. Most of the instructor around here are sport bike enthusiasts. But I am sure that the instructors were trying to drive their points home in regards to proper motorcycle operation and only cared that you wanted to have the upper hand when riding your bike. So as NEWHD74FAN stated, and forget the negative and incorporate the positive from your learning experience and see how much better a rider you will be. The bottom line is that you passed. Congratulations......
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    I have had my MC license since 1980. When I got back into riding a few years ago I went ahead and took the class with my sister and her husband. Having ridden so much earlier in life I really didn't think I had a lot to was I wrong.

    I didnt have to take it since I was already licensed but I would suggest that EVERY RIDER EVERYWHERE take the BRT class. Awareness is a huge topic and thats what will save our lives. Anyone can point it straight and go.

    In Oregon it's becoming a law and I like it. It makes everyone safer.

    Congrtats for passing and you will find yourself using the skills they taught you I promise. Our instructor was a Harley rider. He has 4.
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    I just completed the RiderCoach training last week. I thought I knew what the course was all about, having taken it twice over the years and sitting through some classes that friends were leading. Well, I'm here to tell you that I learned more about the course in the last three weekends than I thought was possible, and came away with a new found respect for the people that have been doing this for years. It is physically demanding in the summer heat to run these classes on the range, you have to be 100% alert to everything going on around you, and safety keeps rearing its ugly head. In spite of all that, I can't wait to start leading my own classes. Scheduled to go to the Riders Edge IT course next month.
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    I started riding again 3 years ago after 30 years. Had to take the basic course to get the m/c license. The first evening was a meet and greet "Tell me about your experiences and why you're here". Later throughout the course the more experienced the students were, the harder the instructors were on them. As has already been said, I'm sure it was because of expectations.

    I enjoyed the course, remembered stuff that I hadn't realized I had forgotten and learned some new things. Overall a good experience thinking about it now, realize now that I woudn't have taken the course if Virginia didn't require it. I'm glad I did.
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    What ever case maybe..

    Congratulations on passing !!

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    My situatoin is the same as doc_63. I started riding again this spring after 30 years of not riding. Prior to that I rode for ten years and rode a lot.

    Although I didn't need it for my M endorsement, I just took the course last weekend. I found it very challenging and worthwhile.
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    Thanks for all your responses. I really learned alot from the course. The hardest part for me was the emergency braking. I learned the hard way what not to do. I do thank the the instrutors.