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    I have a 06 Classic and last summer I had 7657 miles on the rear tire and replaced it because I was going to Milwaukee and wanted to make it there and back problem free, I probably could have got another 800 miles on them before they would have been bald. This does'nt seem to be alot of miles for a tire so I fiugure I will have to replace the tire again this summer at this rate.
    I replace the orginal rear tire with another Dunlop just like the stock tire.

    My question or poll is to see if anyone can tell me what tires might be better and give more milage, I live in Western PA, we have it all here cold wet springs, hot sometimes wet summers, and warm to cold falls sometimes wet.
    What tire would be good in these conditions and yet yield great milage? Thanks
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    your gonna get a wide range of what people get mileage wise .. this has come around a lot some feel the best mileage is with the stock and other will take a softer tire for better grip etc

    havent had to replace mine yet
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    Replaced my rear Dunlop today at 8888 miles...but only because a big nail had made its home in it...and as it had 3mm of tread left in the centre, it was not worth a repair.

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    I think you have about average mileage, on my road king my first rear tire change was at 7500 miles ,my second rear tire change was at 15450 miles,I don't think you should push the mileage ,both my change outs I still had plenty of tread life left. With only two small patches in contact with the pavement, I use the dunlaps decent price and good mileage.
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    Replace the rear tire at 10,000 on my 2007 RK. We ride two-up all the time and the tire seemed to square off and get flat in the middle. The tread still looked "ok" but I was not comfortable rounding corners with a tire with an edge...
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    I have HD roadhazard warranty which covers nails ,uneven tire wear ect. $400. for a total of 7yrs. and I havent had to pay for a tire yet!:D Oh and if you do something stupid and bend a rim it covers that too
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    Glad someone broke the ice. I did the same and spent the monies for the tire warranty. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling to be covered. Even though I've been buying the new replacement tires, the mileage has been great. last tire went 14k before I replaced it. I guess I'm just not lucky enough to get a nail or something when the tire gets low on the rubber. Maybe my luck will change in the future. :D

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    Here is some good advise regarding HD tire wear. These are heavy cruiser bikes they demand good rubber, tey also need to have strong rain charachteristics. I have tried three different tires on by Bike beggining with the original Dunlop D-402HD replacement tire MT90B-16 got 6,000 miles on the rear tire, needed to be replaced it was still good, but it was marginal in the heart of the tread.

    Metzeler ME880 Great tire good rain ride and well suited for the weight of the bike again 6,000 gone in the rear.

    Then I went to the AVON VENOM X they are listed as AM41-AM-42 combinations they were really good tires but the rear tire would wear out at 7,800 miles

    Now I have changed the rear tire to the AVON ROADRIDER AM26 long distance highway mileage tire. These promise to be good for 16,00 miles.
    I really swear by the Avon for the ride and wet traction. In addition the tire can be run at 40PSI with great road handling characteristics

    So in closing It is merely a matter of choice in What a tire will do for you. Speaking from long distance road riding I have nopticed the difference with AVON and yes Dunlop is a good tire too, but the choice is always subjecet to ones OPINION

    RIDE long and HARD