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  1. fin_676

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    Got home from work and neighbour said that the bike shed door was open this morning he went and closed it
    so i went and looked in the shed
    my main tool kit is gone
    helmet and gloves gone
    metric allen keys gone torch gone
    petrol tap removed from tank and the petrol is gone and it looks like they cut up my air hose to channel the petrol
    dremel i just got for my birthday is gone
    some oil is gone 15w40
    ill have to do some more checking and perhaps ill only find out what else is gone when i go to use it
    so overall grumpy mood the tools were old friends and we had spent many an hour together and ill really miss them
    if i get a hold of the (EDIT) that stole my stuff i will be exerting old fashioned military justice

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  2. knightster637

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    Sorry to hear that Fin. It takes a very lowlife type of person to steal another man's tools. I had a break in here a couple months ago, they ripped out and walked out with my entire safe. Heck, steal my safe, steal my truck, steal my wife, but for God sakes leave my tools! Hope you catch the guy. Atleast on the upside you now have an excuse to buy some new toys:p
  3. roadking01

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    I've had a couple of cars stolen and once even had my house broken into, so I know exactly what you're going through, i'm glad I didn't found out who did it now cuz I would probably be behind bars and the cemetary would have one more guest. its all material stuff but it's your stuff, It really (EDIT)

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  4. dbmg

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    Fin sorry to hear about your luck. Hopefully the authorities will do right and find the persons involved. I know what you mean about loosing some tools. So hopefully there is a silver lining for you regarding this event.
  5. Redfish-Joe

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    Fin, sorry to hear that. I can't post what I feel about a thief, but I believe we all have the same sentiments here.
  6. west yorks uk

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    i doubt that will happen, the authorities over here are so weak its untrue, they probably can not even be bothered to take a statement from Brian let alone find the offender & actually punish them. hopefully Brian will find them himself & distribute his own justice.
    good luck with it Brian.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Brian, I too am sorry that some dead beat would do this, I hope you get your pound of Flesh, tools can and will be replaced, the thought of being violated like this is over the top IMO, Capital Jack
  8. 01dynaglide

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    I hate to hear that. Remember, it could always be worse. I do however hope you find out who done it and then get a chance to change there mind about stealing again.
  9. Hoople

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    Tools usually wind up in Pawn shops because they have no serial numbers on them. If there was something unique about an item that was stolen it would be worth telling it to the local pawn shop owners. I would make the rounds. So it takes a few hours of your time. You just may make a hit.

    Sorry to hear of your lose.
  10. fin_676

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    Where i live there are 5 houses nearest town has a population of 1800 my neighbour has a few tenticles in the wrong side of the law mainly on the tax evasion side but is in contact with almost anyone local area that would know anything
    so if it is local ill find out
    however the bigger stuff was all left compressor air tools all the power tools less the dremel
    worst of all most of the stuff was bought by the wife as xmas and birthday presents
    well at least i know what im doing saturday morning but the imperial sized tools are harder to find here in uk as most things are metric now