Bad business with a Bad motorcycle shop

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    Gonna tell you guys this shop really (EDIT) me off. I went on vacation last week with the intention of riding my shovel from East Tennessee to Columbus Ohio. I left and all the way to Corbin she ran great. I stopped in Corbin and refueled got ready to pull out and pow I'm down to one cylinder. rear cylinder wasn't hitting. this was around 5 pm. I limped 14 miles to a brand new Harley Dealer in London Ky(these guys were awsome) they were getting ready for their grand opening. anyway they called a local shop Queen's cycle who had a coil, Harley dealer actually let one of their service guys ride down and get it for me. they brought it back around 6 pm and I put it on and no dam fire(this is suppose to be a new coil). I put my old one back on and firing from the front cylinder. anyway long story short Queen's cycle was closed I limped back to Corbin Ky and waited in a Pilot truck stop parking lot for almost 4 hours for friends to come with a trailer to get me back home. I called the guy at Queen's cycle on Tuesday(closed on Mondays) and he says because he didn't install it he won't refund or exchange it so I'm out 50.00 and the aggrevation of not getting to see me grandkids in Ohio. I think I will just (edit) in a box put the coil in it and mail it to the (edit)who sold it to me:devil
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    Can't blame youu for not being satisfied, I'd be mad too.
    Tis another reason I opted to fly here rather than ride 728 miles here solo from Upstate NY to NC....just even tho I was packed up and headed out, I opted to turn back home.Those closest to me all breathed sighs of releif.
    There's always next year.Not that my bike breaks down, there's always that 1 time....I had confidence, others were concerned due to post labor day traffic, the storms, and we let our HOG insur. was like harley owner AAA.
    Plus I'm not a year since my stress cardiomyopathy and the mercy flight etc..almost, not quite. Sorry I'm babbling..
    anyhow, there are alot of shady shops and people out there,be ware, be aware, eh? .
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    Who determined it was a Bad coil to start with. If it was the shop, did they charge for the diagnostic time.
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    Hate to say it but, that is pretty much standard (warrantee) on electrical parts no matter what the professon. Now if they want to give good customer service they will take it back,but there is probly a sign in their shop stating no returns on electrical parts.
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    100 % IN AGREEMENT HERE!!! Good customer service or not - most of the time it will be a "No return on electrical parts"!!