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    I own a 2002 Heritage Softail, I bought new. For over the last year it has been in and out of the shop. More in than out. I have even insulted my favorite mechanic by taking to a second opinion. Still no luck. So here’s the story:

    Before leaving Texas last May headed to Key West (a 10 day trip) it had been running fine. I put a power commander on about 8 months before and wanted it retuned because I was getting a little popping when I decelerated. We made it to Florida where it was hot and humid. On day 6 coming out of the hottest part of our ride, the Keys, it blew a fuse on the ignition circuit. Replaced the fuse and back on the road. It acted like I wasn't getting fuel and blew several fuses all the way back to Texas. I took it to the shop after limping through 4 states, only to find nothing wrong. I get it back and it does it again. By now I have stock of fuses in my saddle bags. Back to shop, where it was suspected that because I am a girl I can't wire in a radio and though it had been on the bike over five years the mechanic rewired the radio and sent me down the road. On the road is where it left me. Next the ignition burned out, the connection underneath was fried. Replace and was on the road again for a week or so before it did it again. New mechanic pulled fuel pump out and found twisted fuel lines. Blew them out and ran again. About 500 miles later on the side on the hwy again. By now I have my best guy friend on call with his truck and trailer. Ignition Coil was replaced made the mechanic ride it for 3 days everywhere he went. No issues for him. I picked it up and rode 30 miles before once again I am replacing fuses and limping home. Although I now hold the record for speed on seat removal the ignition coil is not firing the rear cylinder. Most often when it fuse blows it only runs on one cylinder. Please help I am not destined to be a back seat kind of girl.
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    Has it displayed any codes. There is a section in self help on pulling up the codes to see what is going wrong. has your service department given you any idea of what codes are showing up? I'm sure the Hoople will soon give you some advice and you need to listen to him and Glider as they will not steer you wrong.
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    Welcome to the forum Flo(?). Sadly every time a mechanic takes your money, he tells you he found the problem. We have some really smart people here. I'm pretty sure the members will get you sorted out. Being an electrical problem, I'm of no help.
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    Is this the quickest "Account removed" on the forum??
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    yea that was quick...even quicker than Jack with a camera
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